Since UAVCAN is now supported in the most recent versions of APM, it is now possible to use Zubax GNSS with ArduCopter and ArduPlane. We prepared a tutorial at docs.zubax.com that explains how to configure APM to make it use UAVCAN-interfaced sensors; hopefully, this article will be included into APM wiki soon as well.


For those unaware, Zubax GNSS is a high performance positioning module that includes a state-of-the-art GNSS receiver with RF shielding, huge patch antenna, compass, barometer, and a UAVCAN interface. You can learn more about it here, you're encouraged to ask questions here, and it can be ordered from here and here. Over the last half a year we were delighted to find a number of discussion posts around the internets praising its performance, so we're convinced that Zubax GNSS deserves its price tag. ;)

As of UAVCAN - as was stated in a presentation on the recent ELC conference, last RFC will be released in a couple of weeks, but comments and feedback concerning the specification are already (always) welcome on the UAVCAN mailing list.

That's it for a spontaneous news post. Stay tuned for updates (say, why not subscribe to our forum?), as we're going to release something cool soon.

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  • It appears to be a common misconception here that NEO M8 and MAX M8 provide different positioning performance. We talked to u-blox about this, they informed us that the primary difference between NEO and MAX is the set of digital interfaces, whereas their positioning performance is identical (provided that they implement the same RF features). So replacing our MAX with NEO will not make any difference aside from increasing the price.

  • Now we wait UBLOX NEO-M8N usage =)

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