OneDrone.ONE - Modular Drone System

I'm happy to present a project which occupied quite a lot of our time in the last year. We didn't plan to go public yet, but after I saw couple of days ago that colleagues from BoxBotix are working on pretty similar concept, we decided to present some initial info to diydrones community.


OneDrone.ONE is modular system, which fills the gap in the segment of advanced hobby and professional use - with focus on geosurvey, crop monitoring, search&rescue and similar applications. We like ArduPilot platform very much and we use Pixhawk in majority of our current range of dedicated copters for geosurvey and crop monitoring ... but we are confident that our new system . OneDrone.ONE will bring user experience to new level and bring the most from Pixhawk. sports all the experience we at gathered in past years, combined with clean and efficient design from Andrej Stanta (Provoco), creator of

For now ... presentation movie and some photos. Website with all the info will be launched in one month.


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  • pretty cool art

    no, I like it a lot,

    whats the price point going to be?

    flght times expected?

  • Developer
    I like the rover from the looks.
  • Very nice presentation. I immediately think about replacement part cost.

  • that is great!!

  • Fantastic concept! I really like the idea of it.

    In reality though this would be extremely difficult to make work and even more difficult to make work well.

    Ultimately, even if wildly successful, all you would end up with is an interchangeable array of compromised designs which cost more and do less than comparable alternatives.

    Forget the pro or enthusiast markets, figure out how to drastically reduce the cost of the package and refocus on stem education and learning... then you might just have a project worth pursuing.
  • I am interested to know the rendering software you used

    Nice work

    @Bill : that's a lot of work for a little web-store promotion.

  • Developer

    Very pretty.

  • Developer

    'Renderware' should be phrase to describe the hardware equivalent of softwares 'Vapourware'. 

    Isn't his just a blatant advert for  online store?

    In the computer industry, vaporware (or vapourware) is a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public b…
  • those are some nice concept images.

  • Lovely renders.  I like the aerodynamic arm supports.  Quick question, in winds and multi mode, how do you think this will handle/effect performance. Particularly when the craft is at an angle continuously.




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