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  • Very impressive, James! Some questions:


    How much of this would work on Windows?

    What is your quadrotor model based on? has it been "validated" against a flying quad?


    I've mentioned before that I also plan to use scicoslab to develop my quad control laws. The idea is that I can populate a cblock with my actual on-board control code and run it in the scicoslab environment.



  • Truly a thing of beauty!   All the demos with blender models loaded and worked using the latest from git. Had to manually install the deb because of the name change to mavsim.
  • Developer
    Great to hear Gord! Did you solve your permission problem? If not please post a bug here: Also, the project has been moved to github, and name changed to mavsim:
  • Great stuff, way over my head though. Learned a lot browsing through the blocks. Nothing helps my understanding more than graphic visuals like you've provided.
    First simulation ran fine, but the quad simulation won't load, permission problems.

    Hope you keep posting updates!

  • Developer
    Just fixed a few issues in the dynamics for the quad and the controllers seem to be behaving as designed. Going to go back later and see if we can't decrease the damping a bit to get more dead beat, fast, responses.
  • Developer
    Yeah, the pixhawk guys are using ubuntu with this so should be good to go. Add these lines to your ubuntu sources and you can install the scicoslab package from my apt repository if you are using 32 bit.

    add to /etc/apt/sources.list

    # Hsl
    deb sid main

    Then to install scicoslab: sudo apt-get install scicoslab-gtk
    To install oooark: sudo apt-get install oooark

    Note that the oooark is a cmake deb package so it doesn't make sure you have all the dependencies. So I'd recommend you build from source using git as described unless you are sure you have them all.
  • Thanks.  I am very interested in tools like this, but I only wish that I could contribute.


    Unfortunately the Scicoslab download server does not seem to be available.  I can get the .deb package, but not the source.  Any idea if this will work under Ubuntu 10.10?


  • Developer

    Sure. The script is already in the git repository so here is what you need to do.

    1. sudo apt-get install git (or download git from the web)
    2. git clone git://
    3. ./ -> select grab debian dependencies if you are using ubuntu or debian
    4. ./ -> select build in source
    5. After it build successfully type scicoslab, this will start scicoslab using the current git repository as the toolbox directory and start the arducopter demo.

    The ssh:// url I posted earlier is just for developers. Let me know if you are interseted in contributing.

    Here are some links to oooark: <-- you can find the git repo here

    A short intro on the pixhawk wiki:


  • 3D Robotics
    This looks awesome! Do you have a link to where we can learn more?
  • git clone ssh://... wants a password.  What do I do?
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