Got any great ideas of how to use a flexible board Arduino - these guys are making "a few for inspiration" and sound like they are willing to share their new toys with people with awesome ideas!!

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  • @Darren,
    Yeah I get that. I guess I'm not sure how these work together to form a system.

    (I posted on DIY flex a while back) What I found is that flex solves a very specific packaging problem, I'm a little confused about how Flex solves a general-purpose problem.

    Cool would be: A Flex Ardupilot for MAV, or a Service on Seeed for printing Flex...
  • At the far end is formed into a ribbon cable, and just over halfway back is a ZIF socket (zero insertion force) for another ribbon cable. So there are your connectors...
  • Cool.
    The point of flex is to be the wire, this would be more interesting if it had a few connectors coming off for gps, radio, servos, etc.
    I like the buss idea, if it it useable, it might catch on.
  • Developer
    that looks cool. I wish that components would be a bit smaller, especailly that usb connector :P

    But anyways there are many places that people could use those flexible boards.
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