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Open source Iridium modem

3689701767?profile=originalFrom sUASNews:

If over the horizon satellite communications are a requirement you are in luck! An Outback Challenge team from Holland just helped you out.
For participation to the https://uavchallenge.org/medical-express/ the http://mavlab.tudelft.nl/ team had to design a cheap and light weight iridium satellite communication module for there www.delftAcopter.nl.
As there is huge interest from the UAV community in using light weight and reliable satellite communication the http://mavlab.tudelft.nl/ made the iridium development open-source so the UAV community can benefit from this achievement.
For the opensource hardware and software see:

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  • Just got to this. Thx. May be reaching out when I get to this.
  • @marc dornan you might enjoy this. Some fixed wing autonomous formation flying using PaparazziUAV:

    Formation flight control of fixed-wing drones

  • @marc dornan the PaparazziUAV community is alive and well. By all means get your aircraft built up and feel free to contribute to PaparazziUAV. Lots a folks ready to help you if the need arises.


    paparazzi/discuss - Gitter
  • @Earthpatrol. So I have a Lisa M and 2.4 xbee telemetry radios and I am determined to set this all up in a Bixler 3. Paparazzi seems to have lost a lot of its base. The last RCGroups posting was 2014 that I could find and I can see no current airframes posted on the wikki -- maybe I will have to add mine. Yet I can still see work is being done on github. The biggest issue is the lack of a more friendly Mission Planning app or application. I do not mind 'compiling sketches' for missions though but I think it may deter others.

  • Not quite a open source modem, its only an open source carrier for a closed source modem.

  • @chrisanderson and it's integrated with Paparazzi UAV.

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