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Hey everyone!

 So this is something I have been wanting to do for a while.



I am ready to pull the trigger and publish the techpod design for everyone to modify or make for themselves. I would like to seek the communities advice. Basically I would like to use CC NY-SA. I am fairly certain it should give me the protection from dis-attribution while at the same time I can give back to the community, but I am no lawyer. So I would like to here what you guys think about the license and it's application to the techpod.

So, you may be asking, what is the point?

well the point is I may be very talented but I have only so much time and resources. I get a lot of interest from academics etc wanting to learn from and some who want to get involved.

Whats is it for me?

 Basically I would like to create a group of developers to help further along the project. I intend to create a system by which people can help out and receive serious financial rewards. 3DR is a great example of what I am talking about in this realm. Although you will be free to develop the techpod on your own all you like, only this group will have access to the teams upcoming releases and plans.

What does the future hold for the Techpod and dev team members?

-composite techpod

- techwing

-techpod 2.0

- high endurance helicopter uav

- large gas burner UAV

- infinite endurance electric/solar techpod

 So, If you are interested in being part of the team, drop me a PM. I can only allow so many to join the group in the beginning, candidates will be selected on the basis of there skill sets and the projects needs.

here are some areas of expertise that are open:

aerodynamics/CFD analysis, mechanical stress simulation, CAD draftsmen, PCB board design, code development.

I have some housecleaning to do on my files and I would like to hear some feedback but I will be making the files available in a day or two.

Thank you guys so much for helping make my dreams come true and believing in me!


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  • http://caddrones.com/techpod If you folks at Techpod make accounts on CADDrones.com I can give you exclusive admin access and editing of the TechPod Open Source page.

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    Her you go guys, as promised.


    Creative Commons License
    The techpod by Wayne Garris is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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    waiting on approval for the group. I am currently working on the files. I  am using rhino. I was thinking .igs would be best for publication.

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    Albert, thanks! 

    Actually the gas power plane is to make a STOL bush airplane. think bronco OV-10 with a 25 cc pushing and a 25 cc pulling in the nose. slotted LE, nasa stall safe drop, full span flaps like the  crow by mr andy lenon. 

    it wont be related to the techpod. If someone wanted to make and sell a kit to make the techpod gas powered, that would be awesome.

    Yes, that's a great idea for people to get involved. 

  • Hello Wayne, I think it is a great idea considering your position.
    I would suggest you have a team for each project but with the posibility for the teams to interact with each other.

    And then a special team to develop the Techpod 2 Ultra :) possibly with some Kickstarter Indigogo or your own privately organised pre-order startup to cover the initial production run. That is if your intension is not to have the version 2 as open source.

    I also think you should make sure your Techpod 2 design does not fall into the same weight class as the Albatross UAV that Justin martin is working on so there wont be competion in the wiehgt class for the new design, I personally think that one is also going to be a game changer.

    I certainly would like to see the Techpod 2 designed for gas power and endurance 6-10 hours onboard generator etc so we can Step-Up from the Original Techpod.

    Final thought, I would love to have been involved in one of the projects but I am under no illusion that I would be able to make the grade. Therefore I was wondering if somehow there could be a forum where volunteers could be used with some of the prototyping and/or possibly assisting with hashing out specific issues encountered as the development moves foreward. (Possibly open to initial Kickstarter backers or as the individual team leaders decide)

    I wish you Godspeed with your future endevours.
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    I love that guy (Richard Branson) a few years ago in England I was senior engineer for a company making special purpose machines for the railway industry and Virgin Trains (Richard Branson) had been in deep discussions for MONTHS to try to get one of our machines installed at a railway service centre he owned. 

    Mr. Branson came into a meeting where his guys were dragging their feet again and asked what the problem was? his guys gave all the usual excuses. He listened and then asked me what it would cost to get the machine installed, I gave him a figure that was correct. He reached into his pocket and wrote a PERSONAL check for the full amount and asked to let him know when the project was complete. The meeting was DONE. I will not divulge the check amount but it was well into 7 figures in British pounds. 

    The most positive thinking individual I have ever met. No is not in his language. 

  • If you are interested I am doing the same thing for Quad frames, so if you want to build just the frames I will be posting all my work, but I don't know where to put the files. I have cad files and want a open source platform and could not figure out how to put the files on github is there something similar?

  • It's ok Wayne, i understand your frustration.

    What ever you really feel is the best for this situation i say: f7d4ab119c2495c35e220c0186b2a957.jpg

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    Sorry greg. It's just a little frustrating. Thanks for your support and understand that i have a choice in the matter. Have you seen johns " offer" he posted on rcg? he wants me to pay him. It like he walked into a store took something and now wants the store to pay him to go away. He is the one who wants something from me and he expects me to pay him. I don't think he has a grasp on how negotiations work.
  • Wayne it was a joke, don't take it too seriously. My opinion is that your situation will not fly in the air, the plane will. Either you agreed or not. Hope to see the design in air doing useful work. That is all.
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