OpenPilot CopterControl - Tricopter

Compilation of some on-board footage from the my OpenPilot CC Tricopter. This thing is super stable. I have complete confidence when flying with OpenPilot. Can't believe how simple the setup was. I am using 3-bladed props this time. They are much quieter, but produce less thrust. I had to adjust my trottle curve a bit to get better response. All FPV gear is from ReadyMadeRC.

OpenPilot CC
AX-2213N motors
Turnigy Plush 18A ESC
GWS 9x5 3-bladed props (2 CCW, 1 CW)
Pro Tricopter Delrin frame
ImmersionRC 500mW 5.8GHz Vtx + Bluebeam SPW
ReadyMadeRC 420XV camera
DragonLink UHF RC System

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  • @Randy, thanks. I always am jealous of the people that have "interesting" things to view while flying or get footage of. These places are relatively close to me, but I wish I could go to these places everyday. ..

  • Developer

    It's a beautiful video.  I'm very envious of the open area you have to fly in.

  • @eduardo

    Beside the 6dof the CC board has a serial flash on it.

    How you managed this?

  • Gary, I am very excited to try an octo with camera stabilization. I've got an octo on the bench waiting for that firmware to be released.
  • Moderator

    Don't forget the camera stabilization and upto twelve outputs I think now as well. Supply is the only issue, they are just too popular.


    Interesting that you made your own CC eduardo, would like to see some pictures of that.


    The CC board is not the main show at the OpenPilot project, the main project which is called the INS/Pro now will have all the bells and whistles.


    This is my early version INS/Pro flying my tri last Christmas. The board design has changed dramatically since.


    Waypoints have been flown on the CC in fixed wing aircraft, it has no mag so forward movement is needed. Corvus is the dude to ask about that over on their forums.

  • Never thought that this moment would come..  a glad eduardo !  :)

  • YEahh ... this is ROCKSOLiD ...

    i made my own CC board using olimex stm32 board and 6dof imu.

    This platform isvery easy and simple.

    Waypoint will be aveliable ib the future in PRO version.

    congrats .

  • @Chris

    Yes, no waypoints,

    but with a modern Cortex M3 processor and a low price (around $90)

  • Chris, as far as I know CC doesn't support waypoint autonomy right now. It might be something the developers will support in the future. In the GCS software, there is a map which looks like waypoints could be coming in the future...The GCS quite similar to the MissionPlanner.


    What I like best about this platform is the ability to mix auto-leveling with rate modes on different axes. For example, I have a flight mode where I have a "weak-leveling" on the roll axis and rate mode on pitch axis. Two things I would love to see in Arducopter would be the ability to mix the stabilization for each axis and have a "weak-leveling" feature. I describe the weak leveling as rate mode with very slow auto-level. 

  • 3D Robotics

    Is it just RC or can you do waypoint autonomy, too?

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