Our latest GCS build, The Beast

GCS build highlights

  • Intel Core i3-i7 PC hardware for Win7-8 or Linux operating systems, 2-328Gb RAM, 60-256GB SSD, Gigabit LAN, 4 external USB 2.0, optional 3.0, WLAN, etc..
  • Dual 10” 1920x1200 600nit IPS panels with low reflectance gloss or matte surfaces
  • 300-460Whs of fully managed LiFePO4 battery, balanced cells, protected against overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit,
  • external charge and power supply from 12-30V DC, optional rugged external AC-DC PS
  • iKey OEM waterproof industrial full size backlit keyboard and touchpad with solid tactile feedback
  • individually sealed customised modular application panels with the required set of controls in ergonomic arrangement, all with IP65-67 level protection, including:
    • 2-3-axis precision joysticks with hall effect or pot sensors
    • round or square pushbuttons (even latching types)
    • 1-3 or even 6 position toggle switches in various configurations including spring return and lopsided spring types
    • rotary switches for flight mode and payload selection
    • slider, lever and rotary pots
    • status and indicator LEDs
  • min. IP67 or MIL-DTL-5015 external connections for RF boxes, antenna trackers and other accessories
  • 2 external USB connectors on top for RF modules (“rabbit ears” for telemetry modems, high power WLAN or 3/4G), 2 panel USB connectors, other external connections optional
  • TBC (Time Base Corrector) on downlink video feed
  • optional solid state SD card based DVR for mission record and debriefing
  • overall protection levels: IP65 open and operating, IP67 closed for transport, full IP67 optional
  • black G10 or carbon fibre panels with white or high visibility yellow labels on all functions


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  • We're very proud of being copied, albeit two years late and a bit badly:
    I wonder what they patented from this model under #62/365,311… I hope it is the feature that it's not waterproof during operation, you cannot type from the switches under the keyboard and it costs about 1.5 times ours, among a few other things...

    Desert Rotor Mantis 12PCX HOTAS GCS
    A 12 channel ground station integrated into the Pelican© 1510 field case with retractable luggage handle. Internal computer with panel mounted keyboa…
  • Great! Thank you!

  • Both sections are IP65 when open and operating. That is why we use this specific heat transfer method for cooling the body of the box.

    The TBC is especially useful when you're on the very edge of your video RF link range. In addition to being able to correct a degraded signal, it also prevents monitors from going blue due to dropouts... :-)

  • Nice job. It's very well done. The part of the screens are IP67 also?

    What does the TBC (Time Base Corrector) on downlink video feed?

  • nicely done!

  • Thanks guys.

    Johann: From first draft sketch to completion it was less than two months and it is still less than 10k in Euros. So it is really not a hobby piece, but dirt cheap compared to what's available as "pro" gear currently.

    Kirill: The keyboard is the OEM version of this one: http://www.ikey.com/product/sl-86-911-tp/  While it is a fairly costly piece of kit for 400 bucks, it is the best rugged keyboard I've ever worked with.

  • Nice keyboard! What make is this keyboard originally?

  • Moderator


  • AWESOME!!! 

    I suppose if you have to ask the price, you cannot afford one? :D

  • Nice to see the New build here Azjeg.. :) .. best design ever... 

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