Our new Pixhawk based KickStarter project


Easy Drone XL Pro is on KickStarter

Hi, just wanted to let you know that we are back on KickStarter to fund our newest and largest drone - the XL Pro! Please check out our campaign and pledge a dollar if you like what we are doing.

Also, we are counting on you to share and spread the word!

Yours truly,
Easy Drone Team

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  • @ Pascal - Lol :) I know, still getting used to standard units myself. Thanks for supporting the project!

  • 9Oz... (strange units guys !) ok I found it : 255 gr, just my Sony RX100 mapping camera weight, simply pointing down without gimbal.

    humm... ok backed !

  • Very impressive thanks for the info. I didn't look down enough to spot that information.

  • You're welcome David. Cheers!

  • 3702102887?profile=original

  • @DB Hi DB, in the picture are 15x5.2 folding carbon props - you are correct @Paul Hammond!

    @David Drysdale - We are able to get 45 minutes with a GoPro on a Walkera gimbal David. There are basically two configurations with the same frame, but different props and battery. One is endurance oriented with 10A battery and 16in props and the other is for more cargo capacity with 8A battery and 15in props. 

    Here is a graph with common configurations: 


  • I assume the 45 min is with no camera and gimbal. Can you give so examples with gopro or slr etc?

  • Probably Tarot 15" folding props

  • What props are those?  Thanks!

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