Outback Challenge - Who's up for a run??

So some time has passed, and I have a nagging in the back of my mind - why couldn't we field an Outback Challenge Team? We are already working on several projects, and combined we have a PILE of UAS time in the air. We could even purpose-design the entire system; airframe, autopilot, all of it from ongoing projects or designs here on DIYDRONES. I have no doubt we could raise a little money and could field a competitive team. I know we are spread all over the world, and that this is all OpenSource...but what better way to prove that this type of collaboration really can produce world-class results.Sooo...who's in?? Seriously, I'm in - and looking for compatriats!
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    Michael , Chat/ whisper loudly if you can ;-)
  • Hi Doc,

    Just added you as a friend. I will chat to you shortly about what I am looking for.

  • Morli,Michael...
    Im cool and right up for it, had a word with my right hand man here, and hes willing to help...as long as scott is cool....

    Michael, you only have to contact me if you need anything....we have the tech..just let me know..
  • Hi Doc,

    This could work out well because I was looking at buying a new plane for the outback challenge and if I can get it custom made, even better!
  • Admin
    Ship me Doc , will work for answers for my question* won't ask too many) as it arises while working :))))))))))))
  • Im up for it....

    One aerodynamicist, and airframe manufacturer, at your service, SIR!

    We have a model aircraft manufacturing plant with Laser cutters, CNC cutters, cad team, yada, yada, yada

    and some limited LV programming skills if it is of any help to you?

    Happy to get involved if you need it.
    (also we ship to OZ weekly)


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    Thats a great Idea Scott, I am definitely interested to join the team, I have only been involved with my own UAV project for about 4months now since my graduation (still long way to go) mainly focusing on auto-land right now. But I have lots of time on my hands with my current job and from my degree have lots of the background theory covered already. let me konw what you think
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    Me 2 , :) Count me in, was hoping to able to attend /witness in/atleast by 2020 :) , any thing earlier is highly appreciated. working on my own pusher dual boom gas/nitro( look for nexstar UAV post in this forum) for now, OK will RF/comm hardware/ RC handling/flying etc . Good luck.
  • I'd be interested... This would be a great way for me to start getting more involved in the airborne aspect of the site. I'm currently working on integrating the ArduIMU+ into a navigation and mapping solution, I do own a spare ardupilot (v2 I think red pcb about 5months old) and an EM406a GPS I would be willing to donate.

    Realistically I can devote 2-4hrs a week if needed though I'm not really sure what else I can do to help out as I'm still in the experimenting stage on my ROV :) This sounds like it could be a good project.
  • Hi Scott,

    I am planning on entering the 2010 outback challenge with Ardupilot. Have been working away slowly for a little while now. I am planning on using a gas engine and two arduopilots. I have been testing on the plane pictured in my profile. It had a nasty crash a while ago, but that was a once off luckily. Took a little while to rebuild :)
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