OWL: UAV / FPV platform

A new platform "OWL" will soon be ready for small RC UAV / FPV flying.


The plane will look like this:

The model are made in glassfiber and balsa:More info on the OWL will come in the near future!A new Platform based on the Multiplex Alfa 2100 are on the Drawing board.Modified as a pusher.Wingspan 2.1MVery stabel platformGood for payload.

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  • Moderator
    Hehe dont go down this road. Make one yourself, But dont try sell the model.
  • Moderator
    I think, although I stand under correction Hooks got a cease from Insitu, just like the commercial ScanEagle kit that was around for a short while. But I could be very wrong with that.
  • Any news about the OWL ?
  • Is this available yet?
  • Hooks, Any updates?
  • T3
    IMU autopilots work better if the IMU is under the center of gravity.
  • Moderator
    The OWL are still in production. More will come as it is tested.
  • what happened with the Owl?

  • Hook,
    The only deferents I see between your owl and Le Phan Scan Eagle are the wing lets, Your are bigger do you think it help with more stable flight?
  • Moderator
    A new pusher prototype is also on the drawing board. It's based on the Multiplex Alfa 2100

    The fusalage will look something like this.

    My Alfa is a very stable platform, which I hope can be transferred to the pusher platform.

    BTW still working on the OWL, bad weather are also a big problem this time a year in Scandinavia.
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