OWL: UAV / FPV platform

A new platform "OWL" will soon be ready for small RC UAV / FPV flying.


The plane will look like this:

The model are made in glassfiber and balsa:More info on the OWL will come in the near future!A new Platform based on the Multiplex Alfa 2100 are on the Drawing board.Modified as a pusher.Wingspan 2.1MVery stabel platformGood for payload.

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  • looks great glad to see something purpose built for the r/c fpv uav hobbyist
  • Developer
    I will need my OWL as soon as they are ready to ship, nice work! How about a larger wing option? increase cord & length of wing 15%
  • Hooks.
    I'm very interested in your OWL. Please save one for me.
  • Moderator
    I simply can't believe those people who don't understand the issue here.

    Can't they see the point Hooks is trying to make?
  • Hooks
    Looks great! Please let me know when the Owl will be available. I built Le Phan's ScanEaglet (62.5" wingspan; 28.5" fuselage) and would really like a fiberglase fuselage for more equipment. The wings also look like they will be more robust.
  • electric is fine without wheels is this toss launched or maybe by bunge cord?
  • Hooks, sounds great. Sign me up for one for sure!
  • Moderator

    Visa visa....

    DON'T call this one S-E...
    Sorry.. The name is OWL..
  • Moderator
    Electric power! but I gess you can modify to a small gas motor.

    Please let me point this with big letters
    This is not a scan-eagle!
    yes the electric motor are mounted back of the plane and yes you can put a camera in front and yes it's a wing but it has nothing to do with the bigger scaneagle from Boeing.
    This is a RC modelairplane - and the name is OWL it's made for FPV and UAV amateur rc flying.
  • Developer
    Sign me up for one
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