Paparazzi Apogee

Paparazzi Apogee is new generation of Paparazzi Autopilot


  • STMicroelectronics STM32F405RGT6 Cortex M4 168MHz processor featuring a Floating point unit (FPU), up to 192k of RAM and 1024k of FLASH.
  • 9(6) DOF integrated IMU MPU-9150(6050) based
  • 1 x Barometer/altimeter MPL3115A2 (I2C, MPU slave capability)
  • 1 x MicroSD card slot, 4 bit SDIO interface (high speed data logging)
  • 1 x USB : DFU mode (download) or USB storage (direct access to MicroSD card)
  • 6 x Servo PWM outputs
  • 1 x R/C receiver PPM frame input
  • 1 x R/C receiver serial input with inverter (Futaba S.BUS, Spektrum, etc.)
  • 3 x UART
  • 2 x I2C bus
  • 1 x SPI bus
  • RTC with backup capacitor
  • SWD(ARM download/debug interface)
  • 4 x Auxiliary I/O (General Purpose and/or ADC and/or servo PWM)
  • 5v / 1.5A switching power supply (input voltage range 5.5V min → 17.0v max)
  • 3.3v / 1A linear regulator
  • 1 x 5v / 500mA power switch
  • 4 x status LEDs
  • 10.4 grams (0.37 oz)
  • 53 x 25mm (2.1" x 0.98"), shares the same external dimensions and mounting points as UmarimLite
  • 4 layers PCB design

It is available at following link.

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  • Kai, did u saw at Github

  • Hello

    on their web page they say "usable as datalogger with non paparazzi firmware (not yet published, available on demand)"

    Does anyone know about it or give me some help?

  • well

  • Robert, I am a Paparazzi user, there are many many variants of Paparazzi H/W boards and the firmware works for them, Apogee is one of them.

  • a board which is not a 99 percent compatible clone.

    having no worries with the sw.

  • Robert, what u mean by real Paparazzi ?

    Apogee runs paparazzi code having sensors fusion into a tiny chip making it 9-DOF IMU, having everything except barometer in the chip MPU9150.

  • still thinking about a real paparazzi board...

This reply was deleted.