Paparazzi autopilot

Last week I received my Paparazzi Tiny V2.11 autopilot.I have read a lot of this autopilot and what made me really excited is the GCS. I have noticed that you need some knowhow about Linux (for me a blessing I am not a windows enthusiast). I really did not have real problems setting up the system so far. The only thing I am waiting for is the ppm converter for my 2.4 GHz TX/RX system. I still have some doubts about the airframe I like to use my little Cessna plane or change to the easy glider pro.

Yesterday I made my first flight with the new airframe Yes it is the EasyGlider pro.It flies perfectly. I tested the telemetry this also worked fine had good readings of alt and speed etc. Only the sun was reflecting in my screen. (yes I now don't buy a laptop with a glossy screen). I did not fly on auto yesterday that is why i love the GCS I noticed that the IR was wayoff and did not work propperly. Turned out I had the XY sensor in the wrong direction.

All the stuff build in.

Canopy closed placed a nice looking antenna. ( just cosmetic the wire is inside)
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  • Hi Estebanflyer well the netbook is the bare minimum I had installed a extra mem module to led it run in good order. I highly recommend a laptop. (bigger screen)  But don't forget that most netbooks are faster and better than old laptops an with the unbuntu it boots very fast. I must say that I have not test the new GCS version on the netbook.
  • How did you find using the Acer netbook?? does it run smoothly or do you think a laptop is better for the software?
  • Oke nice, good luck with your project!
  • Hello Jonas, posting my comments here and in many other forums seems to have worked. I just got a mail from David Conger, owner of PPZUAV telling me that their server was down and that's why they have not been responding. He has given me an alternate email that I can contact him on. Just wanted to say thanks for considering my request and your prompt reply. Tc.
  • Thanks for considering it Jonas. I really appreciate it.
  • Hi Naveen yes I did buy mine from PPZ UAV let me check for you what is going on.
  • Hey Jonas, I need to buy a Tiny2.11 autopilot. I have been trying to contact PPZ UAV through theri website and have not been getting any response. Could you tell me where you bought yours and give me a contact of the vendor if possible? I need to meet a project deadline and the sooner I get this, the better it is. I hope you understand.

  • Strange IR problem
  • AMD is fine!! Nice price also! Don't think I can get one in the Netherlands for that price. How is your ubuntu going?
  • Developer
    I returned Toshiba as the Intel video was to slow for some applications.
    I spent $499 at BestBuy & got a HP G60-455DX with AMD RM-75 Dual-Core, 3 gb Ram, 320 gb HD, nVidea GeForce 8200, 16" Wide Screen (better than Toshiba 17") & WebCam, 5 in 1 Digital memory reader. (fast video downloads) with 2.5 hr battery life. This is a much better machine, but not a Intel, this should not be a problem? I hope. Works great so far.
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