Paparazzi help!

Hello!!I´m very interested in the paparazzi uav ans the booz (quadcopter). But I have some questions that I wish that anybody could answer it.1st- It´s possible to use the modem like a rc systems, for example connecting a gamepad to the laptop?2nd- Which knods of sensor can be connected to the analog inputs? Are there code prepared for that?3rd- Is ther a "newbie" guide to start in the paparazzi uav?4th- It´s possible to control the booz with the laptop?5th- The booz have autonomous navigation (with on air update waypoints?6th- It´s compatible with the paparazzi ground station??7th- Is ther a guide for the booz?8th- IS there a update forum of the paparazzisystems?Sorry for my "question attack" but I´m newbie with this systemsThanks for all.Yours faitfullyJesús
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  • Hello everybody:
    I need that que parazzi run with nmea code, because I want to use the same gps for a osd. That is the code for the nmea?
    Is it work well? Any body tried it?
    Thanks to all!!!!
  • Tyke,
    You are totally right. My apologies to you and this community. I have deleted my post. Although your assessment is not 100% accurate, your advice to Jesus is noted. I have given him my own advice over at rcgroups anyways. I also agree with Gert, people looking to fly autonomous Quadrotors should buy MKK hardware. It is mature, proven, and available.

    Again my apologies for misunderstanding your motives and tactics. I was suprised by your words towards Conger as most in the community find his work to be innovative to paparazzi.

    Enough said, good luck with your store and your building of booz hardware. I hope to see a price from you soon as I will be in need of hardware I am sure.

    AJ Kochevar
  • I have not seen a smackdown that good or deserved like that for a long time. Goods for you Tyke.

    Anton, have you lost it totally? What is this "However seeings how you called me out by name", I see nobody calling you out. Where? All I see is one line where a guy who said you did a BOM for someone, which is what you did. Take a chill out pill and calm your rudeness. We have some developers with messiah complex in my project where I work to, they tend to be the less logical and argumentative drawing away from the project :(

    I am involved in Mikrokopter, I helped with OSD development for that platform and I keep a look out for Paparazzi, it is a nice platform and I have one but you underestimate Mikrokopter, we have been flying autonomously for a many months now and return back home for much longer. Quadro presents its own set of techniques and variables that need to be worked out in the field. A plane UAV with thremos is much less harder than full IMU in a rotary flyer, the Paparazzi team might be surprised especially you have only very small testings so far.

    I have a Paparazzi tiny from the eurostore, and yes, he was much cheaper than US guy and then US guy dropped his price. It is a good system and I impatient to see how you do with Quadro but it will take you a while to be as good as MikroKopter just because we have been flying, tuning and developing much longer. This is the way of the world.

    Anyway, nice you plan a new Paparazzi store but I will warn you and Tyke also, quadro is very popular in China and they rip off MikroKopter hardware, they can do this but no use our software, still they do it. Paparazzi is fully open so China will make boards cheap once your software is working well. I can buy cheap OSD board fully PCBA from China for less price than buy PCB and BOM for in Germany and China modified our ESC designs to be stronger, I now use China ESC on one of my larger Quadros.
  • > please please please get Booz Hardware assembled for the community!

    I am. Although the more you guys act anti-social, the less I am thinking it is a good idea, is this the plan maybe? I certainly touched a nerve for sure, weird, as the quote goes: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    Sarcasm, it doesn't become you Anton. I see nothing in my original post that would cause you to fly off the handle the way you have, sure it doesn't pull any punches but it is accurate and honest.

    Right I'll address your points. Screaming someone is wrong without backing it up is not the best debating tactic, it also comes across as immature and a plain to see Ad hominem attack. What's your crazy check list? Was that aimed at my post? I didn't mention any of those issues? Weird.

    I have read my reply to Jesus and I find no error in it, further I have asked a senior PPZ dev his thoughts, he finds it blunt but also accurate and much preferable than alluding that Booz is ready for prime time like the MK when it certainly is not.

    First we are talking about getting hardware made for Booz, so people can have access to it, therefore what you are saying is it that it is not generally available. Agreed? Good, because that is the case. So how can Booz, and I'll quote you here, "fly autonomous waypoints as the MKK can... oh crap, Booz already can".

    Sure the software can support go commands but first there is no hardware that people can readily buy! And by your own confession, and I'll quote, "BOM just finished... hardly, its been done for nearly 2 months...". By your own words, two months ago, you didn't even have a finished BOM! Simply amazing. I would say 8 weeks counts as just finished as well considering how long Booz has been in development.

    Note, the MK can do this now, the hardware is finished and can be bought assembled and this has been available for a while. Please see this video:

    And isn't that what we are discussing? Of course it is, the original post from Jesus, a new user, was asking about this and that is in the spirit of how I replied. Case closed. I gave him the correct advice and I'm happy I did. Your lame attempt at switching the context of the discussion is full of fail.

    Less you think I am an MK fan, I am not, because I disagree with their software license. Again read my post, I stated the following: "In time I think PPZ will over take the MK as it is true opensource, however that is 12 to 18 months away yet.". Yet, you dishonestly allude that I stated Booz is 12 to 18 months away from working, when in fact I simply stated it will take this long to over take the MK. I feel this will be correct and I suggest you work on you reading comprehension. Your whole response appears to be made around this lack of abbility to comprehend what I actually said. Unreal.

    Prices, sure I'll discuss some, others I am not ready to discuss yet as I want to see what Congo does. I'll give you one small example, the PPM encoder board, mine will retail for $15, congo charges $25 and I'm hoping the Booz hardware comes in at the same rate of parity. Depends on how much he charges, I do recall how much his prices fell when CheBuzz came on to the scene. This is a historical fact and what I based my comments off, again, deep breath and go back and read what I wrote.

    Also, for both of you, some advice. You are using your real names here and you don't exactly come across in a good light. Not matter what you think the merits of your case are, the way you handle yourselves is more than a little disappointing. Immature, passive-aggressive, sarcastic (by your own admittance) and it appears you didn't even really read what you are replying to and went off half cocked on some egotistical rant. There is every chance that the next job you go for your potential employer will find these posts and realise you are not the type of person they wish to employ. I know this would be true in my case, further, I use pre-screening recruiters, I doubt your resumes would even get to me as on seeing the attitude you displayed here.

    I certainly touched a nerve which caused you to respond emotionally to what was an honest to the point post and useful to its intended audience, not sure why you have the emotional investment you have, perhaps you are also planning to open a PPZ business Anton? Why yes, indeed that's what I find in my IRC logs. This explains a great deal of your angry post, come on man, hidden agendas suck.
  • Ken lol
  • Don't bother with Booz yet unless you want to get involved in the development. While some guys are interested in it, Poine, one of the key devs now spends a lot of his dev time on Lisa which is a much more powerful platform.

    Booz is way off being mature, code needs a clean up as well. There are only something like 3 devs with the hardware, David Congo from PPZ is getting some made but expect him to gouge on price if he is the only one selling them. Anto Kochevar has only just finished the BOM for him so he will be trotting off to MyroPCB to get them assembled soonish.

    I have not come across a special GCS for Booz in SVN, but I have not looked hard either, I know NoVa had a middle wear layer to the PPZ GCS.

    I think you would be much much better with the MikroKoper seems you are asking for guides etc, this tells me you want something functional. MK has a larger community and can currently do much more including waypoint Nav although the software for this is a bit scattered. In time I think PPZ will over take the MK as it is true opensource, however that is 12 to 18 months away yet.
  • T3
    1.) Yes, but the present code for that task is somewhat laggy from what I've heard because the servo commands are just thrown in with all the other telemetry. I.e. there's no priorization for the servo commands but with a high speed modem it *ought* to be fine..?
    2.)Almost anything as far as the input voltage is in the proper range -> you don't want to bust your LPC.
    3.)Yes, several actually. Look for them at RCGroups.
    4.)There's a groundstation programmed for booz and the "gampad code" was originally made for booz (?) so it will most certainly work with booz. But I'm not too familiar with the booz sourcecode, however, so I'm not 100% sure of all of this.
    5.)It does but only primitive "go" commands are supported so far.
    6.)There's a special version of th GCS for the booz, I believe.
    7.)No, I don't think so since booz is still mostly in developement.

    Actually most if not all of this info was already in the PPZ wiki so try to use the search function more in the future. I know, however, how confusing the PPZ/booz can be because of the size of the project so I felt that I should help you this time.

  • Your question is completely appropriate. But only a small percent of the people here use that system. You would do better to go where *most* of the people use that system are found. There is a quote by the famous bank robber, John Dillinger, when asked why he robbed banks: "Because that is where the money is."

    Perhaps you would get better response to your questions (both there and here) if you (a) didn't ask so many at once so that you overwhelm people, and (b) understand the basic concept behind paparazzi (and ardupilot, etc.) ==> They are open source so you may modify it to do whatever you want. When you ask, "is it possible?", well, you show you that fail to grasp that basic idea. Anything is possible. Some things are just so hard to do, or don't work very well and they are not worth the effort. These things are highly technical, require a diverse skill set, are experimental in nature, and are done as a labor of love. There is another quote, "You can have it fast, you can have it cheap, you can have it good. Pick two."

    Perhaps you should ask questions such as, "has anyone ever ...", or "what difficulties have you encountered doing ...", "what should I know before I begin doing ...", "is there anyone here with experience using this system who is a native speaker of (my language) that would be willing to collaborate with me / help translate ...", "is there anyone in (my country) that would like to work with me on ...", etc.
  • Hello:
    I join to the mail list and I visit that page every day the page, but I don´t found the answer to this question, or If I found isn´t very clear (In my opinion), or the people don´t answer me, that´s why I´ve posted here. Sorry for the possibles troubles, if the moderator think that this thread isn´t appropriate, please reamove it.
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