Paparazzi UAV Release: v5.8 Stable

Season Greetings,

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce the release of Paparazzi v5.8_stable.

Check out the v5.8 branch from git to stay on this stable branch (which as usual will get some important fixes backported) or use the master branch to follow the latest development.
With contributions from over 20 people, we fixed a lot of bugs, improved things here and there and have quite a few major additions compared to v5.6.

Just to pick out a few:
- ADS-B support
- improved use of optic flow for velocity estimation
- improved mavlink support
- possibility to reduce RAM and Flash usage by compressing sine table
- hence support for naze32, CC3D and CJMCU boards
- flip mode for multicopters
- INDI guidance loop
- lots of improvements/additions for computer vision modules
- high speed logging to SD Card via SPI
- improve support for Bebop and add Bebop2
- guided mode for rotorcrafts

Please see the CHANGELOG for a more detailed list of changes and new features.


The Paparazzi UAV Team

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  • @Rana looks like someone is running Paparazzi on RPi. Here's a link to the wiki page detailing the process they used.

    Installation/RaspberryPi - PaparazziUAV
  • @Tom_Pittenger I haven't profiled the BBB with respect to flying missions. My experience with BBB on other non-UAV related projects is that the hardware/software is prone to failure. For me, it was more of an exercise of can I get it to work. That's just my experience and view point. I'm sure there are other folks that probably use them to fly. For a single aircraft, it would be ok. I don't feel confident in RPi or BBB hardware to make it a part of a mission critical system. That's just my preference.

  • @Tom_Pittenger the GCS is what we are talking about, not the flight code. The autopilots are, for the most part, ARM processor based and the flight code is very efficient(Note: it runs on 20K RAM NAZE32 class autopilots). The GCS is not required to fly autonomous aircraft, just to monitor them. The GCS is what @Rana is looking to run on an RPi/BBB.

    @Rana with respect to precompiled code, I can ask if anyone on the project keeps or has a current RPi distribution. Or you can go to the github for Paparazzi and open an issue. 

    If I had an RPi that met your specs, I would build it for you but I don't have that hardware.

    Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project for unmanned (air) vehicles. This is the main software repository. - paparazzi/papa…
  • Hi earthpatrol ! 

    I am quite easily running a prebuilt Mission Planner 2 on my RPi v2 (1MB RAM ver) and actually using this in flying field with large HDMI monitor.

    Is it possible, I can get pre-built Paparazzi GCS for RPi ?

  • Developer
    So paparazzi is generally flown on Pentium class processors? How's the CPU utilization on the BBB?
  • Hi @Rana,

    I don't have experience with installing Ubuntu 14.04 on Cubieboards nor PCDuino boards. I have installed it successfully in BeagleBone Black Rev. C with respect to single board computers. Usually a PC laptop or Mac laptop is loaded with Ubuntu Linux for running Paparazzi. Personally, I devoted a Lenovo laptop running Ubuntu to be my Paparazzi field/flight laptop. I also run Paparazzi native on Mac OS X for development and some flight testing. 

  • Hi earthpatrol,

    Thanks, did not get any success so far in installation of Paparazzi GCS on Ubuntu 14.04 installed on Cubieboard1 and PCDuino 3 Nano. Can you pls suggest

  • Hi @Rana, Here's a one line command to install everything. Hope this helps.

    Installation - PaparazziUAV
  • @earthpatrol, is Linux prebuild package file of the GCS available ?

  • Here's a screen shot of the GCS using TCAS:

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