Paparazzi UAV Release: v5.8 Stable

Season Greetings,

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce the release of Paparazzi v5.8_stable.

Check out the v5.8 branch from git to stay on this stable branch (which as usual will get some important fixes backported) or use the master branch to follow the latest development.
With contributions from over 20 people, we fixed a lot of bugs, improved things here and there and have quite a few major additions compared to v5.6.

Just to pick out a few:
- ADS-B support
- improved use of optic flow for velocity estimation
- improved mavlink support
- possibility to reduce RAM and Flash usage by compressing sine table
- hence support for naze32, CC3D and CJMCU boards
- flip mode for multicopters
- INDI guidance loop
- lots of improvements/additions for computer vision modules
- high speed logging to SD Card via SPI
- improve support for Bebop and add Bebop2
- guided mode for rotorcrafts

Please see the CHANGELOG for a more detailed list of changes and new features.


The Paparazzi UAV Team

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  • @tom_pittenger here are some links that might be of interest with respect to ADS-B support in Pararazzi UAV:

    In general, you can integrate ADS-B messages into your mission control and planning a.k.a. intruder detection. The actions taken in response to detected intruders is definable based on mission objectives. There's also some experimental TCAS support if you are interested in that as well.

    ADS-B - PaparazziUAV
  • Developer

    @earthpatrol can you talk about your ADS-B support?

  • Hi...yo have more informartion about naze32 connection and pin assigment?? It's capable to measure voltage bat like cleanflight trought ADC pin?? Osd suport?? Due the naze flash size the code suport airplane or only a basic rotorcraft?? I need to change the bootloader in naze to another?? I have one flip 32+ board  with onboard compass


  • @chris_anderson "consumer friendly like other projects"?(market speak detected)  Paparazzi UAV is an open-source community built around the advancement of safe UAV flight systems. For those that might venture the "complexity", I think they will understand why it was worth the investment. Look at the list of features that are going into Paparazzi, pretty impressive, and integrated into the GCS(note the screen capture of the post image. It's the GCS monitoring and managing six different UAV's; a feature present since 2007). I think Paparazzi is for those that need a reliable, proven system and are willing to learn a few command line skills to get that level of performance. This post was to let those folks know about the changes from v5.6 to v5.8. I fly multiple UAV flight missions on a regular basis using Paparazzi and I'm having success. I don't know of any other project/uav system(corporate/private/open-source,etc..), with maybe the exception of the AscTec folks, that has these capabilities. Having evolved with the industry, I'm fairly savvy as to who is blowing smoke and who has the goods. Light 'em if got 'em. ;-)

  • @graham_dryer OK. You managed to learn to fly a UAV, so you must have some level of curiosity to learn new things. :)  What do you do when they move the buttons on your UI? :)

  • Moderator

    I'm a consumer, sounds complicated. Needs Linux PC too.

    "Download the source code from the source repository. Compile the Paparazzi software from sourcecode"

    = some foreign language

    Excuse my ignorance but that's what consumers often are

  • @chris_anderson one more time, YES, it uses the UI to set the Flash Mode, in your case, USB, and there's an "Upload" button below that to load your firmware to your aircraft. One click. This has been in Paparazzi for a long time, possibly before DIY Drones was a website. :) 

  • 3D Robotics

    Not the command line ;-) I just want a GCS to automatically fetch and load the firmware over USB with the click of a button, the way it does with APM and PX4.  Does this do that?  I played with Paparazzi years ago and the Linux complexity drove me away. Would love to hear that it's now consumer friendly like the other projects. 

  • 411 on DFU Util:

    dfu-util Homepage
    dfu-util Project Homepage
  • @chris_anderson Yes, that's right. 

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