Paradrone : a paraglider drone

here is my project : an autonomous in thermal drone.
No motor, able to use the only thermal energy to climb.
I started this project 2 month ago, I did the first glider prototype and pod:





And did my first try with non-autonomous flight :

Now the pod has cam and 2.4ghz emitter and I finished my interface computer->DX6i in order to drive everything...

next to come.
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  • Hello

    Has anyone got some modified version of Ardupilot for controlling a paraglider?


  • I am aslo doing on. The paraglider is done "home made". Now, i ve to do the autonomous drone.
    if anyone whant to buy on : here is a weebsite where u can buy on :
  • Developer
    Wow that's amazing, Does your wing have a inflated frame? Is their a air pump built in?
    With more payload it should fly into wind better. Let us know how it works out.
    Maybe DIY community could design a assembly robot that sews all the ribs to wing panels. (Not)
    Human touch is required to make these units..

    I made a portable Ice fishing hut from woven poly tarps (used to ship bulk wood), sewing in zipper (from old sleeping bags) Sewing this hut was tough on me and sewing machine, broke many needles and a bobbin) . It slips over a frame (1/2" conduit & fittings) like a sock and is Velcro to base (1/4" ply over 2" R11 foam mounted on ski) It has worked in 35 - 45 mph winds for 3 years so far, I added a diagonal brace to handle high wind loads better, I use 6, 12" spikes to secure hut to ice . When wind gets going in high mountains it can get a little scary.. It all folds up and fit on top of my Subaru 4WD. Sewing machine does not like me...
  • @Mark Colwell : I tested it on a slope at 28km/h, still gliding.
    And I can charge it more, this is where this design is interesting, it can handle heavy charges, I designed this one to be able to carry 3kg, on the video it has only 1kg.
    @Brian : yes thank you ;)
  • Moderator
    That's pretty cool. Did you intend to link both the videos, 'cause the two links point to the same video. Here's the other link
  • Great video!
  • Just need to get on top of the sewing thing. Never did much sewing for some reason.
  • Oh my god.
    Really exciting.
  • Developer
    Can your racing para-foil penetrate a head wind of 10 knts?
  • Moderator
    Wonderful, well done, I like the idea.
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