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  • I heard that the camera's maximum angle looking down is 80° so not full nadir, but I wonder if it can still be used for mapping. Can anyone confirm?

  • Found an old blog post - .May this is the answer ? 

  • Wonder why Disco uses the Optical flow sensor for ?

  • Here's a full auto run as well.

  • Just thought I'd share a little video I shot from a Disco.

    Video quality is even better in the production version. I have a biased view, but for anyone that wanted to learn about fixed wing or just loves to fly, this is a solid platform out of the box.

    FreeFlight has a solid mission planner for Disco, but I'm looking forward to trying out APM.

  • Looking forward to seeing some real world reviews of this.
  • I think I'll get one. I don't have enough time to build and tweek a complete platform anymore. This RTF wing would be perfect for me.

  • I think it will be very difficult to beat the price of the 1080 stabilized video, 2km range, 45 min flying time by building one yourself

  • MR60

    Targeting the toys market, price is expensive for buyers who do not have diy skills. But i am sure it will sell good at christmas.

  • The added value here is really in the nice integration of all the stuff listed by Greg. And the possibility to hand over all this little world with APM. People finding it so expensive should have a look on the price tag of the Ebee or even with the Trimble drone. I do not see what stop us to add a 150 grams camera under belly and get a much nicer equivalent.

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