Parrot Bebop 2 : The new Parrot racing drone ?


Parrot unveiled the Bebop 2, new version of its drone out a year ago. The strange flying machine provides several new features, including enhanced autonomy.

Despite all the advantages of Bebop, this drone suffered from relatively poor battery life: 12 minutes. The new generation offers a bit more, even if we can find it always a bit light: half an hour (the manufacturer announced 25 minutes).

Other important new features, we benefit in this new quadricopter a top speed of 60 km / h , either 20 km / h more than the previous model. No doubt the device will quickly being popular among drones races fans.

For the rest, the Bebop 2 retains the 14-megapixel camera with HD recording and image stabilization, 8GB of storage, all of which are controllable from the mobile application. In wireless, the range is up to 300 meters, but can be up to 2 km with SkyController remote. Prices start at $ 550, with availability by the end of the year.


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  • Developer

    Instructions for uploading the APM firmware to the Bebop2 are now on the developer wiki here.  I've tested them including making Copter start immediately and it all seems to work.

    Sorry, I don't personally know the answer to Francis's request for details on changes to the sensors.  Re upgrading the Bebop1's GPS, I suspect it's possible with some software changes and soldering to use the serial port on the left side of the vehicle as a port for a Ublox GPS .. but I'm not sure which dev would be willing to do the software work required.

  • Does anyone know about the exact difference in hardware.

    Is it possible to upgrade the bebop1 e.g. to the better GPS sensor.

    Has the main hardware (cpu, gpu sensors etc.) changed?

  • Developer

    Here's my recently arrived Bebop2 running ardupilot.  The GPS in particular is certainly a very big improvement over the original Bebop.

  • ? Any data on battery weight/power to flight time ratio for Bebop, Bebop2 ?
  • @Randy,

    What GPS was used in original in Bebop? What UBlox GPS is used in Bebop2? Has anyone attempted to upgrade original Bebop with better UBlox or another ?

  • Developer

    The Bebop2 uses a UBlox GPS apparently so it's position holding abilities should be much better than the original Bebop especially at higher altitudes (i.e. when it's out of optical flow range).

  • Developer

    The Bebop is very sturdy I think perhaps helped a lot by it's low weight.  I cut the power on mine from 3m and it landed on my lawn and there was no damage, not even a leg or a prop was broken.

    On the other hand the original Bebop's GPS is lower quality than the Ublox's we are all use to using.  I wonder if the Bebop2 is better.

  • Developer

    FPV racing = crash != Bebop

  • @Gary, that's what I was thinking. Small, stabilized video for in action shots. Not for racing itself. I think an event earlier this year had the Bebop used as a live video feed platform, a la Skycam.
  •  One is somewhat skeptical about the racing credentials, but the flight time is a bit more in line with the rest of the market.

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