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  • No le erraste por mucho, casi me voy una semana a Miami a comprarme una notebook por la misma plata de lo que me salía aca :O , pero, por suerte, parece que las cosas empiezan a cambiar :D

  • I live in a country right next to you Cala and the same problem here. The solution for this problem: buy a ticket to the USA and pick it up yourself (some other things to resale when you come back helps lowering the costs :-)

  • Available at too, also installed in Aeromappers Talon and Aeromapper 300 in dual configuration with a Sony 24 Mp RGB.

  • Here in Argentine is double the cost, but not surprise, we have that problem with majority electronics :( ; I agree with Gary too, if you can know the price, you can compare and give the chance to buy outside, if not, you only discard it.

    I hope is not compare with modified go pro, It's more compared with Tetracam perhaps? the two were offered but this one looks more complete? Did you compare them Greg?

  • I can confirm the camera retails for $3500 with educational pricing at $2999.00 if you are an academic and buy direct from Parrot Education. The camera is primarily sold through retail partners at the moment, such as MicaSense and Pix4D, where the price is listed on their websites. Sequoia is aimed more at professional users who want the narrower 4-bands for vegetation indices, as well as the 16 megapixel RGB. Although the camera might sound expensive compared to say a modified GoPro, its actually about half the price of previous multispectral options, weighs much less at ~ 100g with the camera and irradiance sensor, and has the irradiance sensor for tagging light information for repeated mapping under varying cloud conditions. The API was released because the camera is meant to mount on a range of drones. I appreciate Gary's comment though on posting the price direct on the Parrot webpage and I will pass along the feedback.

  • I saw the sequoia some weeks ago during an exhibition, here it was 6.000 u$s, too much to risk on a Drone :O

  • Hi This looks to be a very worthwhile sensor.

    I notice Parrot doesn't tell you the price even on their own developer page unless you sign up to be a developer.

    Googling it, I found it for $3500.00 at MicaSense.

    We really do prefer pricing be supplied on this site.

    Generally the impression is that if you don't mention the price here it is because you know it might raise an unpleasant conversation.

    Because the price is high to Outrageously high in comparison to other similar products.

    That said the Sequoia only seems to me to be high for us hobbyists, whereas commercial users might find the price quite reasonable, given it's more advanced capabilities.

    Just thought that needed to be said.

    Best Regards,


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