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Another day, another Pixhawk/IRIS+ compatible crowdfunding project! Meet Percepto, now live on Indiegogo:

Our mission is to create a valuable open-source ecosystem, not just a product, to harness the power of a strong developer community for the future of drone innovation.

20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Building community - Help us bring Percepto out of the lab
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 The more demand for Percepto now, the cheaper we can manufacture them
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Be one of the 1st Percepto owners
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Save significantly during the campaign and after (with enough backers we can lower the market price).

20150311071526-items_06.png?1426083326  What's In The Box?  

Percepto is a tiny black box ​that consists of a Tegra K1 based processing unit and a camera which easily connects to almost any drone, enabling users to create, upload and use existing apps from one centralized place, known as the Percepto Marketplace.


20150311072445-items_14.png?1426083885Included Software

Percepto App Marketplace 

Percepto App Marketplace is meant to be the 1st marketplace designated for drone apps. Percepto's open source platform allows drone owners to reuse and share software driving down the cost of of developing new drone capabilities.




20150311073058-items_22.png?1426084258   What's Unique?


20150312073437-plug.png?1426170877    Plug N Play Percepto





20150312022529-puzzle.png?1426152329  Compatibility


Technical Specifications


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  • @Superwalloon If it has MAVlink you are good to go. we will support the dji naza with some sensors and brief look at the Naza32 shows it has I2C so i think it won't be a problem. 

  • @Raviv, thanks for the quick reply. OK so this has to be an APM controller for now. For mini quads there is the APM mini, off course, but it would be so cool to have this running with a naze32. Naze32 also supports mavlink I believe... Any plans to extend your support to naze32 ?

  • Superwalloon weight without the shell is about 25-35 grams, the finger camera can act as an FPV camera. If using an APM, percepto can get all the sensors data and display it. You only need an RX for the down link, Percepto has a video output through the micro HDMI port.

    To be honest that is what i had in mind when we designed it. PURE FUN.

     Thanks for validating it for the rest of the team. 

  • @Raviv, does Percepto rely on a flight controler which has a GPS, or would it also work with one that has only a barometer and compas ? If the weight of Percepto can be reduced by removing its shell etc as I read in a previous comment, how about connecting Percepto with a Naze32 flight controler ? I can really think about using Percepto on small "racer" 250 or 300 quads, such as the Lumenier 250 or BlackOut Mini H. I think this would open yet another range of use cases for Percepto, would it be for obstacle avoidance (assisted flying) or plenty of AR racing games based on these small racers + Percepto.
    Still having in mind to mount this on a mini racer, would you need 2 cams (a regular fpv cam + Percepto finger cam) or could you use only 1 cam and get the "augmented" video feed in your fpv goggles without an delay (which is really what you want to avoid in fpv racing).

  • @ Kirill Vasiliev Thanks for the comment, Its TOTALLY open source.

    Regarding the 180 degree lens i think there might be a few issues but that is for a more detailed discussion. 

  • Wow! Simply put - absolutely astonishing! This is THE thing everybody waited for.

    Just some basic engineering things to consider: is there an option to have 180degree panoramic cam optics? Such as on the screenshot below:


    If that would be possible - then this would open a whole new world of possibilities of collision avoidance. Just put two of theese on the top and bottom of the drone - and bingo - you can write and develop an app for collision avoidance without the need of extreme multiples of cameras. One facing front, and two facing to the top and bottom.

    So here is the main question - is the hardware open source? Or is it closed source? I would be extremely interested in designing the camera module compatible with Percepto, with the appropriate optics for the task described above.

  • @Thomas Stanley-Jones   Unfortunately the code is not ready to be published yet. Developing a new feature for percepto should be easy if you are familiar with Linux based development environments.

    If you ever developed computer vision using openCV, integration into percepto should be seamless. If you have not, you can use our own computer vision algorithms through our API's with ease to create new Apps.

  • The pledge reached  $31,083, more than 50% of their goal. Most of people looking for nice little Tegra board.

  • @ Thomas Stanley-Jones  Currently Percepto supports up to 3 cameras. For your suggested configuration you can use 2 Perceptos integrated. We will re approach this idea when the hardware needed will be at reach. But you can start exploring the possibilities with one Percepto and let us know your insghts.

    @ Andreas Our first apps are copter oriented but Percepto can be integrated in to any unmanned vehicle or robotics application. 

    @Jiro Hattori Development of computer vision applications on Percepto is done in a Linux environment with common libraries such as openCV and opanCL some of which are pre accelerated by NVIDIA. We believe that this is the broadest common ground for computer vision developers.

    hotelzululima  We will be shipping on oct 2015. Weight of Percepto in its box is 140 grams but if using just the PCB without the box it can be reduced to about 20 to 30 grams. That is if you are in to DIY and mounting it within the IRIS+ shell. We are in close discussions with NVIDA and the K1 is most suitable to be integrated in a product in our planned time frame.

  • I'm really interested in this, but I would like to see what the code of an App looks like.  I didn't find anything online to see what it would take to develop an App for Percepto.

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