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My name is Raviv Raz and I am a co-founder of a really cool startup called Percepto. I really hope you will like it since it pretty much grew out of reading and following this community.


Percepto is an add-on device, some may call a companion computer, that is designed to give almost any UAV computer vision capabilities.


It has been well discuss throughout the community that computer vision will play a crucial part in the future of drone technology. Understanding that, and being inspired by the power of open source community development, we have decided to create Percepto. A Platform that

makes the journey from a computer vision code to an actual drone application straight forward.


While we developed our first computer vision “follow me” application for our drone we’ve encountered many issues that were unrelated to our computer vision core algorithm.  Assembling the right hardware, integrating it with our drone and developing good testing methods consumed the majority of our time.


With Percepto we set out to change all that. We’ve created it to minimize the development time between a working computer vision code and an actual flying drone. We’ve included computer vision optimized and accelerated hardware, choosing each component in our system to best integrate with drones and designing our system to be “flight testing friendly”.


We strongly believe in open-source development, this is why we want Percepto to be in the hands and on the drones of as many developers and users as possible.


We are a team of experienced engineers from industry leading drone manufacturers, top tier communication and computer vision systems vendors and semiconductor producers. We hope to incorporate the best of these worlds into the hands of developers and users, helping create a new set of capabilities for drones.


I will keep updating our blog, technical and physical characteristics will be out soon. 





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  • Check out our facebook page. We've uploaded new pics.

    Percepto. 2.3K likes. Percepto is a global leader in the intelligent and autonomous multi-mission drone-in-a-box (DIB) industry.
  • Thanks for your reply, Sam!

    Absolutely!! Percepto is open-sourced, so you can integrate anything you want!
    We're providing an easy to use API, so you won't have to deal with drivers, protocol, etc. You can just connect it, and start reading sensor data from your code running on Percepto. 
  • Raviv,

    There is currently a discussion on sense and avoid, is this something your system could be adapted for?

    All the best,


  • Thanks, Tiziano! We'll keep you posted 

  • Great, let me bu up to date. I have filled your "notify me" on the web site. Good Luck!

  • Hi Bim, 

    My name is Sagi, and I'm working with Raviv on Percepto. 

    We are currently using PPM and MAVLink for interacting with our drones, depending on the app we're working on. We also have I2C capabilities and are looking into more protocols to extend our connectivity. 

    Thank you for your interest. We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas. 

  • How are you interacting with the drone? Mavlink?

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