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Phantom pilot arrested

The pilot of the Phantom that crashed on a Manhattan street earlier this month has been arrested, ABC reports:

David Zablidowsky of Brooklyn has been charged with "Reckless Endangerment" for allegedly losing control of a helicopter drone at "an unreasonable height creating a substantial risk of serious physical injury". 

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  • @bergsprekken if a birdstrike can take down a plane then a carbon fibre/metal quadcopter certainly can too!

  • MR60

    Isn't it normal to arrest a phantom at Halloween ? ;)

  • this is bad for all of us

  • I want to know what they did with the Phantom... interesting that the Business Man immediately took the SD Card... or did he take the whole thing and brought that to the police?  Its details like this that I am more interested in.  ;-)

    I am sure if it was the Phantom Vision 2 that it wouldn't have flown very far with all the 5.8GHz interference in NYC.

    Don't get me wrong, I still think the PV2 looks amazing...

  • The noise surrounding this seems to drown out the noise of the real issues surrounding drones and how many civilians they kill...hmmmm...

  • From the article

    From article:

    Tristani says the FAA has to get a handle on this because drones will grow in popularity and even the small ones pose a threat to aircraft.

    "Can it affect the engines of an aircraft, most certainly. Can it penetrate the metal fuselage, most certainly," he said.

    A quad/rc model penetrating the metal fuselage of a real airplane? really??

    Is what they mean that a rc model could go through the body of a real airplane?

  • Brent,

    No, the reckless endangerment started when he flew over a congested area. They only reason they can attempt to prosecute is because the operator crashed and the memory card was recovered, and they now know who was responsible.

  • Agreed Josh, the result was the same as if he just chucked it off his balcony without plugging the battery in.  It was reckless (& stoopid)  and it endangered the people below.  Should be charged with existing laws not even related to FAA.

  • The guy was reckless; I don't have a problem with this.  

  • Very good point Gary. We will ultimately need to see how this and Trappy's situation play out. I think it will be a defining moment for UAS in the US. No puns intended.
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