Phenox: Fly Your Creativity!

Hi DIY Drones,

We have kept on updating our prototype, and finally we just got on the stage to release our original quadcopter on Kickstarter.

"Phenox" is an intelligent and interactive drone - just fits in your hand. It is also a programmable platform specially designed for DIY hackers.

We will start crowd funding on Kickstarter for Phenox in a few days. Let's fly your creativity with Phenox!


Phenox has three unique features - intelligent, interactive and programmable.

Onboard Intelligence

We uniquely developed “intelligent self-control system (ISCS)” for Phenox. ISCS enables Phenox to hover stably without any ground stations. With this technology, it remains quite small - almost fits in your hand. This is the world-first successful quadcopter realizing both this smallness and full autonomy within the system in small body.


Interact with Your Voice and Movement

With onboard front-camera, bottom-camera and microphone, Phenox interacts with your voice and movement. There is no need to use controllers anymore. You have only to call and put out your hand to make interaction.


Programmable - Your code flies Linux!

Zynq-7000 Soc (two CPU cores and FPGA) is used for main CPU chip. The software system of Phenox is designed based on Linux OS. You don’t need any special develoment environment, only edit program in SD-card and reboot. Following softwares are already in installed in the file system - OpenCV (open-source library for computer vision), Julius (open-source engine for voice recognition). 


Library, tutorial and sample codes are partially available. We will keep on updating the content. Check out

With the library, you can easily make your own application without struggling to fly it stably. Phenox waits for your creative hack!


  Length: 120 mm (motor to motor)

  Weight: 60 g (including battery)

  Operating Time: 30 min (on ground) 5 min (in flight)

  Sensors: two cameras, mic, IMU, range sensor, battery monitor

  Voltage: 11.8 V

  Payload: 25 g

     - Main CPU: XC7Z010-1CLG400C(Zynq-7000, 667 MHz)

     - Communication: Bluetooth

     - DDR3 SDRAM: MT41J128M16JT, (256 MB, 533 MHz)

     - Storage: SD Card (4 GB)

     - Battery: Lipo 3 Cell Battery (180 mAh) 
     - OS: Linux Ubuntu

We are going to distribute only 30 units of Phenox laboratory model as rewards for early limited backers. There are also other backer levels available for original booklet and spare parts. Any kind of your support will help us bring Phenox into reality.

Through Kickstarter, we look forward to feedbacks from hackers. Their hacks and feedbacks will be the most important factor to make Phenox more meaningful.

More information is available on

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  • If is designed for hackers, why the code is only "partially available"?

    Hackers love free hardware/software released with GPL/open licenses.

  • great job the team

  • This looks like a really excellent Quadcopter, I look forward to your Kickstarter Project.

    I notice GPL open software, what about hardware?

    Great job all,


  • Nice job integrating all the electronics in such a tight space.
    What Linux kernel are you using? Is it real-time patched?
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