PI Tuning Guide from the Kaptein Himself

Just hot of the Youtube, a PI Tuning guide from Kaptein KUK, the inventor of the KKMulticopter Board.  I'm not sure what board he's actually using for this tutorial, since the KK Board doesn't have PI tuning, but just using simple potentiometers for adjusting gyro gain.

The concepts are just as valid for Arducopter.


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  • the captan KK has a new board kk2.1 through HK that has PI tuning. very simple and good flying boards. The video is just like the vids for tuning the kk2.0 and kk2.1 boards.

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    Ellison:  It is slang for a body part unique to the male gender. :)

  • Hey John, it's got something to do with chickens, right? ;-)

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    There are some "issues" with that firmware for a lazy #4 motor. Some people have issues and some don't. I had issues and the trick that worked for me (and many others) is to trim it out. It's bizarre how you have to do that as some people don't have issues at all but once you trim roll, pitch, and yaw, then set those in your sub-trim so your trims are back at 0 and you'll be good to go.

    I still think it's a firmware issue but it could be just some specific hardware related issues as there are many who also fly that v4.7 without a single problem. Try it out. It's pretty rock solid when it's up in the air.

  • This does not look  like P (proportional gain) adjustment to me. What he is adjusting looks like Derivative gain.

    Prop=Error*Gain . As long as quad is keep tilted, Error will be proportional to that tilt angle.

    So when he turns the quad almost 90 deg and leave it there both motors have same RPM and the quad is not going back to level position.This is normal response for derivative controller only. If it was indeed proportional gain ,one motor RPM should be higher than the other.

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    The KK boards are great has has been a major factor in the quad revolution. But as a fellow Norwegian I cringe every time his nickname is mentioned. Kuk is not a very nice word in Norwegian.. :)

  • that firmware didn't worked for me..( KKBlackBoard Atmega 168P )  motor 4 didnt spin so I switched back to 2.0 by M. Kim

  • Very useful for newbies, thanks for posting !

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    Very nice video. It's in my favorites now as a reference.

    His newest firmware for the KK Board (X v4.7 and not sure on +) both incorporate PI tuning. The P for roll/pitch is adjusted using the roll pot, I for roll/pitch using the pitch pot, P for yaw using the yaw pot, and I for yaw is a fixed value in the firmware.

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