PicPilot + Ardupilot Ground Station

I got the Radio Interface running today and am talking thru the XBee radio to the Ardupilot ground station. I'm not sending all the data yet, but most of it. That's my house down there!

That just leaves the SD card as the last bit of hardware to validate. I'll probably wait a bit on that and focus on getting the magnetometer integrated with the attitude estimator. Then I think I'll put it on an RC car and tool around to collect some data. I need to start thinking about what plane/helicopter to put it on first so I can start down the stabilization/navigation path.Power Supplies - workingProcessor - working12 bit AD - workingGyros - workingAccelerometers - workingAirspeed Sensor - workingUSB - workingAltitude Sensor - workingMagnetometer - workingGPS Interface - workingRF Interface - workingCurrent Monitor - workingVoltage Monitor - workingSD Card - Not DoneServo Outputs - workingPWM In - working
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    The GUI was created by Chris Anderson and Jordi Munoz (Your Hosts on this site). They created it for use with their Ardupilot autopilot system. I'm simply spoofing their TM packet structure so I can take advantage of their labors. They are nice enough to make available all the source code and executables so have a look under the Ardupilot headings for more details. They're using Labview for the ground station.

  • Hi Brian,
    Very cool Project!
    What are you using to create your gauges and dials in your GUI?
  • Wow you have really been working hard on this. :)
    Great to see, goodluck with getting everything up and running!
  • Hi Brain,

    Exciting to see your fast progress on the PicPilot project. I am taking time to look into your circuit diagram and I can mount parts myself and get involved and I am eager to get my hands dirty.

    Thanks a lot.
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