3D Robotics

Pictures of all the AVC UAV competitors

"Robota": Rabbit-powered custom autopilot. He did everything himself!

"UofA Robotics": Paparazzi-powered Twinstars

"Pine Tree": Doug Weibel and his ArduPilot IMU-powered Skyfun

"DIY Drones": The tried and true ArduPilot-powered EasyStar

"Donuts, Coffee and Muffins": Ben Levitt and his UAV DevBoard-powered AcroMaster (backup one!)

Adam Barrow and his UAVDevBoard-powered T28

Ryan Beall and his custom autopilot, Ateryx, in a Alpha Sport 450 (not competing)

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  • Developer
    Yes, it was light rain during the second round. I think I got about the heaviest bit and got a little in my TX, but just enough to cause it to glitch for a few minutes without any permanent effect.
  • Admin
    hey was it raining out side ??!! :(
  • Thanks again Chris!
  • In the future, some of my friends and I are thinking about giving ardupilot a shot at sparkfuns AVC in the years to come. Looks to be a very exciting event.
  • Moderator
    Just been watching live, well done all.
This reply was deleted.