Pilot a "supra" rotorcraft

Time ago I posted some videos about my work for rotorcraft swarm but they were just some simulations in X-Plane... until last week! We took four rotorcraft and interfaced them as a single vehicle with a gamepad. Although this is just a first experiment, we are quite happy with the preliminary results. This setup will be available soon for the general public in the   Paparazzi autopilot project.

Finally, this is a collaboration between ENAC-Toulouse in France and TU-Delft in the Netherlands. The video was filmed in the Cyberzoo at TU-Delft.

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  • So good. Bravo Hector. Looking forward to seeing more of your Paparazzi UAV adventures. Cheers!!

  • Congrats! Any paper on subject is available? How difficult was the implementation with the Bebop platform and the motion capture?

  • Very nice ! Next step = outdoor? :)

  • @Thanks Pablo!

    @Rob Indeed there are many physical limitations. For example, how much horizontal acceleration we can have for compensating wind or tension from the rope without compromising the lift.

    So far, in our setup, we do not consider the payload in our model, it is just a disturbance that fits within the boundaries for being compensated/rejected. Most probably, small wind can be rejected too. However, for more aggressive maneuvers ,such as stopping coming from a high velocity, the payload must be incorporated in the model. For sure its inertia must be taken into account.

  • Cool.

    Can you do it outdoors at speed and/or with wind blowing the payload around?

  • AMAZING! Congratulations!

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