Pivotwing VTOL airframe update


Hey everyone, I think we all can agree it has been an eventful year.  It has been almost a year since I posted a concept I was working on here, and some of you were kind enough to let me know what you thought.  I have continued tinkering with this idea, and was hoping I could get another round of comments and criticism from anyone who has a minute to spare.  If you have any insights on this I really would like to hear them, even if they are less than optimistic...




There is a little more info about this concept here: Pivotwing.com

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  • reminds me of the 6th day with arnold 

  • Thanks for the comment Jason,

    It does seem to be complex, but it is all software/programming complexity.  Mechanically it may have as few as seven moving pieces.  And you are right, there is no benefit of using a VTOL that is only comparable to a helicopter.

  • Thank You Gary,

    The transition would need to be worked out, but much of the components would passively align themselves during a dive.  I was thinking you could basically dive to transition into fixed wing flight, then induce a flat spin to enter rotary wing flight.  I have a "helicopter mode only" prototype I am building that will demonstrate flight and collective pitch, but not much more.  Even if transitioning proves to be a huge barrier, I might at least get a very simple helicopter out of it...

  • I would be curious to see real world performance. What flight time is possible in the rotary wing and fixed wing options. Seems quite complex to be honest, but, very cool idea.

    This year has been the year of the VTOL Fixed wing, so many new designs and idea's trying to nail it, i'm still trying to see the major benefits of the VTOL Fixed wing vs. traditional helicopter for many applications where the VTOL Fixed wing is only getting 45 min of flight or so. Ide be more interested in seeing a successful net landing system that is small, safe, and effective for these SUAS and doesn't take away from the advantages of a dedicated fixed wing platform, but, just my opinion.

    Very creative design! First i've ever seen like that! 

  • Hi Joe,

    That quite likely is the most novel configuration I have ever seen.

    I can see lots of potential problems (eg transition looks more than a little tricky).

    But quite possibly it could be made to work and if so might be more efficient in both vertical and horizontal flight than other designs.

    I would really like to see both simulated and actual flights with a physical version, especially transition.

    I think even Hiller (a local hero here) would have done a double take on this one.

    Best of luck,


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