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Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce to you the final "Pixhawk Infographic" that I have been working on for a while now... it illustrates some of the tips I have learned over the past few years and shows the components that I would like to use in my own personal quadcopter design.

For the full resolution image please go here (thanks to Gary McCray): http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/advanced-pixhawk-quadcopter-wiring-chart/

In my next blog post I would also like to release some of the original individual PNG graphics for anyone who wants to use them in their own diagrams! Hopefully some of this can be used in the wiki!

I would appreciate it if any mistakes in the Infographic could also be pointed out so that I can make adjustments!

Best regards,


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  • Great Job¡¡¡¡¡

  • You should be on the 3DRobotics payroll! Thanks. This will be a great help!

  • Thanks for doing that Gary, I clicked the scroll-er wheel on my mouse and it took me to a full resolution view of the graphic...

  • Hi Jethro,

    Here is the new wiki page: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/advanced-pixhawk-quadcopter-wiring...

    Please let me know anything you would like added / changed.

    I was unable to get it to click to a full sized graphic but I did max out the displayable one and the text is legible.

    Also for any wishing to do so it is intrinsically full sized as you sent it to me so anyone wishing to do so can drag it into their desktop and then use their own program to display it at full sized.

    I changed it from PNG to JPEG because I was able to get a max res JPEG to display larger on screen and with the text being more legible than with a PNG.

    In any case thanks again, this will be useful and helpful to a lot of people.

    Best Regards,


  • Lovely work Jethro! Thank you.  

  • Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! It means a lot...

    Gary should be uploading the full resolution graphic up onto the APM wiki soon, I am sure he will provide everyone with a link. I think the poster idea is awesome... let me know how you are going to do that!

    I wanted to add an FPV section to the graphic, but it ended up too big as it stands!

    @ Joe, 1 - I am not sure about the Turnigy receiver, the graphic shows what the PPM sum receiver does, convert PWM to PPM.

    2 - YOu can either get a XT60 to bullet adapter, it will just weigh more :/

    3 - I am not sure about that...

    @ mdisher, the motors and props have no brand, just an illustration...

    There are a few 4 in 1 escs, I like the look of the hobbywing 25 esc...

    TX and RX are the cheap turnigy 9X system...

    The brushless gimbal is an RCTimer gimbal...

    The battery warning indicator is generic and not even necessary if you have the buzzer.

    The rest of the equipment (bar the gopro and tablet) is 3DR gear!

    @ Trevor, it wild suit both configurations so long as you specify that in the APM setup.

    @John, thanks!!

    @ Hagues, I might make a separate Infographic for FPV...

    @ Jason, I am afraid I am no expert on planes, so it may take a while!

    @ Gary, thanks for the kind words, if this helps in some way towards improving the wiki then I am happy.

    The four in one ESC is definitely a good trend.

    @ Steven, if you PM me your Email I can send you a copy, or you can just wait for it to be uploaded to the wiki.

    @ Damien, that was just for illustrative purposes, you don't need it if you have the pixhawk buzzer, however it is a handy and inexpensive part!



  • Awesome... thanks!

  • Developer

    Nice work!!

  • Actually if you use the 3DR telemetry shown it will down link your battery status in real time to your laptop / tablet.

    Battery thing only does you any good when it is on the ground (or within hearing distance) anyway but is nice for a quick check of battery condition, they are cheap.

  • Hey all,

    Another noob question - I have just purchased the Pixhawk with Telemetry, basically everything in the picture above - expect the the battery warning shown on the lipo battery -  I thought (havent used APM yet) that you could set the flight controller to have an alarm or some sort. Is this true? Or do I need to open up the wallet and going shopping for a lipo battery warning doodad

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