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    They are an excellent vendor, apparently these are made in germany.

  • I just buy a pixracer from mrobotics, an authorized vers from AUAV and have a nice support and recive it in only a week :O ( I always wait from a month or more from other shops), they have the original pixhawk V1 with rev3 imu too.

  • Just to finish my experience with Pixracer: I ordered 2 more Pixracers from AUAV right when their webshop said "usually ships in 1-2 business days".  So I thought it was available; payed with paypal, but the units never arived.  After waiting for over a month I canceled the order.  I did get my money back immediatly; however at this point I cannot recommend the AUAV Piixracer neither, because their availability claims were untrue in my case.

    But we know that from other projects too - like PixHawk 2.  Just one more month, and then one more, and ...

    Anybody know of a good, APM/PX4 hardware, that is available?

  • "HK New Pixracer Xracer Autopilot V1.0 FMUV4 Generation" still faulty.

    I did receive my 2 pixracers from HK, labeled "New Pixracer Xracer", but they still don't work: If I plug in a serial radio modem ("HKPilot Transceiver Telemetry Radio Set"), Pixracer reports a "short event" every 2 seconds.  As a result the FMU cannot arm and the servos move very roughly.  The telemetry itself however, works well.  If connect directly over the Micro USB plug, everything works flawlessly.  Also if not connected to a groundstation at all (no radio modem connected), PixRacer seems to work well, at least the servos move very smooth.


    1.) Firmware: Arduplane V3.6, Arducopter V3.4

    2.) Groundstation: MavProxy, QGroundControl, Mission Planner

    3.) Tested with two different units of PixRacer and two different units of Telemetry Modem,

    4.) Control lines (DTR, CTS) to Modem connected and left open.

    So, even though customer service of HK was good, I cannot recommend the HK Version of PixRacer to this point.

  • So this response looks good, but I will see, if a replacement will really be shipped out.  Deleting unwanted but polite posts, as happend on the HK PixRacer site and documentet here, makes me suspicious at least.  However, let's not be simple minded: The great and always beloved Amazon did the same with critical comments on fake reviews:  [German]

    So ... there is room for improvment on morality in this world.

    Will keep you updated. 

    Did HK contact AUAV?

  • This is a HK customer information for people who bought the HK Pixracer:

    This is an email notification with regard to your order ***. We received an update from the warehouse that the item 571000095-0 (Pixracer (Xracer) Autopilot V1.0 FMU V4 Generation) being delivered is defective. There is a bug that causes the flight controller to not respond after flashing the PX4 stack firmware. We sincerely apologize for this matter. As a resolution, we have :

    1. Created a replacement order *** to be sent to your shipping address once the item arrived at the warehouse. Kindly wait for the separate email together with its tracking details once it has been shipped out.
    2. Stored $* bonus points in your Hobbyking account ($* points as compensation for this inconvenience and another $* points for the item cost's shipping). 1 store credit/bonus point is equivalent to $1. You may log in to your account to check your bonus points adjustments.

    Note: As of the moment, there is no ETA for the replacement item, but we will send it to you as soon as the item is restocked. Please let us know if you would like us to cancel the replacement order instead.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

  • The PixRacer has been removed from the HK site.

  • As client I think a private ticket with my concern about they genuine or not products and comments value now :(  , I have many components with trademark from there and now, not shure if they are fake or not   :( ;

    is there another hobby shop with many items like HKing but better recommend? I have only two chances to buy outside the country in a year from regular post for customer laws; so I need to buy everything in the same shop.

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    Didn't take long, about a day and it has been replaced by ****

    That's very cheeky, how about a twitter campaign - #HobbykingCounterfeits ?

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    Put another comment in the questions section on the HK page... will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

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