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  • Where can I buy not a clone with a nice case like the one at hobbyking? I would prefer not to support hobbyking... I am gonna use it as a datalogger, hence I need a case.

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    I was astounded too Graham when I first noticed this practice a few years ago. This is just one of many issues that they have and it speaks volumes for the apparent contempt in which they hold their customers. I am always surprised when people say that they "have" to buy things from them. Really? Apart from a few items of their own branding with questionable quality, most things can be bought elsewhere at much better prices,delivery and customer support.
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    I am somewhat astounded that Hobbyking would actually go ahead and delete/censor all the comments in the questions section on their site for this product. The comments were truthful and the fact is that Hobbyking or someone working for them has chosen to remove those comments so that anyone going to that page will be none-the-wiser.

    I am actually now thinking twice to buy from Hobbyking seeing as I was about to place an order.

    Was the removal of those comments sanctioned by Hobbyking? Or was it a IT maintainer who took it upon him/herself to do so. I'm sorry I did not get a screen print.

    Either way it is very distasteful and places a dirty mark on a company I thought reasonably well of and had spent a lot of money with.

    I am going to go and try source what I need from somewhere else.

  • Its my understanding that DroneCode should be policing this so I think the open source community should be much more critical of DroneCode on the DIY forum than we are of Hobbyking on theirs.

    Hobbyking is what it is, this clearly crosses the line but we all know what Hobbyking is and I'm certainly not suggestion that we don't purchase products from them. We need to stop justifying this kind of crap under the mantra of open source.  The HK PixRacer is being marketed as though its an OEM board, not a clone.  

    Do you think DroneCode will try to resolve this issue?  Or do you think they'll burry their heads in the sand and hope they can find other hardware manufacturers to design and build hardware for them once AUAV can't afford to continue because they can't compete with this sort of thievery.

    Come to think of it they don't really have to find other hardware manufactures, you won't see Snap Dragon Flight's being sold at HK..   

  • One accepts that we have to buy stuff from Hobbyking but maybe we can stop posting links to new things in their catalog--although this posting was useful. They actually have much more to gain from publically behaving better. Not sure why Chris Anderson has given them so much play here.
  • Well my post was not all that polite and I expected it to be deleted. Wonder if I am barred as well? How will my life have purpose and meaning now that I cannot post at HK?
  • Anyone who purchases one of these should be barred from this site..

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    So hobbyking has now deleted all four of the discussion posts that were negative including mine. It was civil, polite and accurate.... The act of an honest company or one that is worthy of our business? I am now barred from discussion on their site.
  • The HobbyKing clone of the PixRacer is not just a clone, its a counterfeit controller. It is being marketed as if it were produced by the original manufacturer, even down to the fact that they call it the "Xracer" the working title of the board before it went public. Why would anyone buy, or justify the purchase of this rip-off?

    It would be interesting to know who is responsible for this.  I believe the PixRacer was only known as the Xracer within a small group of developers for a short amount of time.  

    This kind of hits at the core of the open source community.  If as a community we, DroneCode, is not going to do all it can to prevent this sort of blatant rip-off then why would any hardware manufacturer ever design and manufacture hardware for this community ever again?  

    Maybe AUAV should take their design and manufacturing elsewhere.  I'm sure HobbyKing and other cloners will step up to design and manufacture the next generation hardware controller.  

    How difficult would it be to run CleanFlight on a PixRacer?  


  • Phillip Kocmoud - Please accept my apologies for misspelling your surname in my previous post.
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