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    I just tried Chris's Parrot AR drone. Wow! I couldn't believe how good it was. I had my doubts, but the iPhone accelerometer was very responsive. The attitude hold was rock solid and the auto land and takeoff worked perfectly. What's stunning is both cameras stream at the same time. You can see the down facing camera in a PIP window or full screen. Very cool.
  • Phenomenal invention. I love how Henri calls it a toy when in reality, it is the most advanced little quad out there. Outstanding. This thing will sell like hotcakes.
  • Could this be the epson gyro which Henri is referring to? Chris, can you take a look at the pcb and confirm? The applications for this gyro include image stabilization ...

    Epson XV-3500CB
  • Nice to hear the technical details. Their integration of video processing is especially interesting.
  • If there's a technical issue definitely let me know and I'll fix it! (I'm not seeing one…)
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    I'm trying to download the Pod, like normal and its just not happening, guess lots of people that don't normally hang out here are after hearing the interview, I will try again later, missing my fix of listening to the pod and flying at the same time ;-)
  • Looking forward to the Berkeley demo. Too bad it's a prototype with no product plans. Most modern CES demos are not products except for Apple.
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