Podcast Interview With Tad McGeer

3689624561?profile=originalTad McGeer has 25 years of experience in the unmanned aircraft world. He is responsible for Aerosonde and the Scan Eagle as well as the first unmanned transatlantic flight (1998). If you want to hear the history of drones hear it from a guy who lived (and helped invent) it.

sUAS News Podcast

BTW - I've started using Cheer laundry detergent! ;-)

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  • and our new logo3701868203?profile=original

  • Oh yeah, we love the Flexrotor as folks may have noticed it is on all of the sUAS News stuff.3701868120?profile=original

  • The photo is from the 90's 

  • Good one, Patrick.   I watch Wicked Tuna and see that one harpoon boat working with a 172 and I say all he needs is someone onboard flying FPV and talking over a walkietalkie to the harpoon guy out on the bow sprit.

  • @ Rob, I don't think any of those is Andy, he has brown hair and is half bold!

    I met him a few years back while doing some work with the scan eagle in Hood River, Oregon. Very nice fellow and his house and workshop sit in the middle of an apple orchard, beautiful farm.

  • Another great read on the first transatlantic flight:


    The reason I asked about Andy, was because they've been working together for a long time, so I suspect he's one of the guys in that photo.  I had the pleasure of talking to him about a month ago.  It was an interesting conversation because I realized this guy REALLY knows what he's talking about, which is rare.  The funny thing is, I didn't really know who he was until I looked him up afterwards.  Really nice guy too.  Would be fantastic to get Andy, Tad, Tridge and Paul Riseborough in a pub together sometime.

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    I read that several times a year. It really is a great inspiration. We really do like Tads new aircraft at sUAS News, here it is on the poster for my next event ;-) I can't embed videos of the Flexrotor for some weird reason otherwise I would be now.


  • This is a great read for anybody interested:


  • IDK??

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