I've ported MinimOSD to Remzibi's hardware

3689448888?profile=originalHello everyone. Recently I port the MinimOSD to the Remzibi OSD's harware, so a poor man can enjoy MinimOSD's convenience now (no need to modify APM's software anymore).

Because of the limited flash space of Atmega16, the code of OSD is slightly changed, and it is not compatible with Michael's original config tool. So I adapt the config tool as well.

The Remzibi's OSD uses Megaload bootloader, so please use the Megaload programmer to upload the firmware. (The config tool can also upload the firmware, but I have to admit that it is not quite good right now.)

Anyway, here is the firmware and config tool, and here is the source code.

Thank binzi for providing the hardware.

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    Thanks hazy, after playing around a bit I managed to get Read & Write working, the OSD file I saved before still reports invalid file but a newly saved one opens & writes fine, so it's working fine for me now. Will try the new version soon.

  • I've tried with OSDConfigForm.resx and I'm ready to upload :-)

    PLS send me PM with details.

  • to Marcin: help is always welcome. I use the embedded localization features in Visual Studio for UI localization. The language resources are not located in three resource files: OSDConfigForm.resx (main form), OSDItemNames.resx (osd function names) and Messages.resx (Messages). I'm not sure if you know how to edit the resource files. If you know, I can open the write access of the svn to you.

    to Graham: are you using firmware v1.02 and config tool v1.02? I changed the setting format in this version. If the versions are correct, then Read and Write OSD should work (though there is a bug that requires read first and then write). I have fixed this bug and the Open OSD file error. You can download the new config toll v1.02.1.

    P.S, it is not necessary to upload the CharSet file again after firmware upgradation.

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    Updating firmware (OSD.hex) with MegaLoad works fine, after which updating Firmware (OSD.hex) again (if needed) and CharSet (OSD_SA_v5.mcm) with the OSDConfig tool works fine too.


    Read from OSD and Write to OSD (OSD layout) does not work for me.

    Save OSD file works, Open OSD file always reports "Invalid File Format"

    I'd really like to change the layout, any solution?

  • Hi Hazy

    Great work!

    Are you going to provide additional languages for config tool? If so, I can translate all menus/messages for Polish (PL) lang. Just let me know, which file contains them.

  • Thanks Dyer, I forgot to switch to English before release the config tool.

    The language can be switched through the menu, or you can just delete the "config.xml", then it should display the English menu

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  • Hi, everyone. Thank you for you patience and helpful comments. I have fixed some issues. Please download the new firmware and config tools.

    To Dario, the firmware is generated by using the "make" tool in WinAVR. Please add the "bin" and "utils\bin" directories under WinAVR to the executable path, and run "make" command in the "OSD" directory (i.e. where the "Makefile" is placed).

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    Hi kolin!

    I couldn't test the code yet because I'm still in college examinations.

    I'll check the code concerning Mavlink to see if your problem may be due to a syntax error between versions 0.9 and 1.0.

    I do not know how to compile the code to generate a .hex file. It would be great for me to know how to compile the code for help to debugging.

    I can understand about 80% of the code (thanks to Arduino and c++), but nothing about compile (just Arduino IDE).

    Last exam tomorrow... summer begins for me and I can start trying new things.

    Greetings from Spain,


  • Dario thanks for that fix, will apply it soon. My only problems for now are not showing of coordinates after decimal point and home location isn't right. Probably same cause, probably with transition to Mavlink 1.0

    Same issue anyone?

    Is source for compilation with WinAVR, right?

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