i'd like to share my latest development, this is for testing further AntennaTracker code developments.

The current part is an upgrade to my Portable Groundstation, using the initial idea of Ardupilot Antennatracker.

I designed a mechanics for 3D FDM printing. I use Hitec HS5065MG for pitch and MKS DS95i with external precision potmeter.

The total pitch range is 90  degrees, yaw is 380 degrees.

i'll share some sample video soon.

Regards, Adrian


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  • Please... dude.. please.. shut up and take my money :D

  • Moderator

    Interesting device :)

  • Specifications for the ground station is in te groundstation's original topic. Since then the only modification is that currenty android miniPC is not in use.
  • Nice How about some specifications

  • wow !!!


  • I really like the progression of this base-station, can the screen cycle both FPV analog input as well as the MP/Driodplanner information? Thank you for sharing this, I must have missed the first installment, glad to see it thins time around!

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