Post Flight Log File Web Application

This is a latest attempt at integrating some post flight capability into 3D.  This runs natively in a web browser (no plugin/download/etc.).  Browse to your log files and optionally point to a video file to have synced with your flight's playback.

Let me know your thoughts!  I will continue to add capabilities to this web app and will publish it soon i hope!


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  • Wow, this is exciting! Looks amazing, and I will shortly test it and share my findings.

    One question though: does one's flight logs shared over the internet once loaded to DronAlize WebApp?

  • Feel free to start testing things out HERE

    It is still very much in a BETA testing phase at this point, but we would appreciate any feedback!  Still a few things we want to work out as basic features but haven't really had any time to work on it much more lately.  This is just a bit of a side project for me, but it is live and working so feel free to start uploading flights and let me know how it works out for you.

  • No news is good news?..

  • Cant wait to test it!


    how to save this image from your website in full size serving as a basic manual for beginners on what parts make drone kit, with names and functional descriptions ?

    It opens on 10 inch tablet cut in upper and lower part, badly sized.


    For Hybrid Drone Project I need to know lift force of your multicopter motors with blades

    to calculate power and weight of gas operated generator:

    lift force vs. power consumption ( voltage, current charts)

    since I need to build Hybrid Drone .

  • Distributor

    That is great, looking forward to being able to test it out :-)

  • That's awesome DroneRanger :D

  • Oh,

    hello @DroneRanger

    you can record timed video from 2 car video cameras, audio, data feed from sensors

    employing Matroska container, clocked by EBML records for timing recording and playing multimedia.

  • excellent

    can telemetry callback/ data be fed real-time, on-line into your excellent application

    to get twin controller monitoring in support of ground control and FPV ?


    If so I would like to inject TAWS features like collision avoidance, predictive object recognition, getting from Google Earth user defined geolocated 3D objects layer, scanned with led-based Lidar lite prior to the flight.

    You can append vectors for dynamic speed, altitude ...

    and multi-window view GUI (multi-camera GUI).


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