Post-typhoon aerial video on CNN

They didn't specify what type of copter is being used, but from the shadow it looks like a TBS Discovery style. It won't be long before the novelty of getting video from a UAV is not the headline of the story, and the story itself can be the focus.

These guys need to clean the condensation out of the lens, BTW!

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  • Chivar,

    That's a bummer that the embedded video isn't available anymore. The link does still work at least.

  • video clip removed?! :( 

  • Thanks for finding the embed video, BluSky1

    I added it to the original post.


  • To the people complaining about it being commercial use.

    99% its a discovery pro, and CNN is not in America so CNN can do whatever it wants. isn't that a wake up call to Americans other countries have more freedom than the USA

  • Picture just setting your quad to a frequency and it takes off around the world to assist.  Someday our personal drones will have sufficient enough power systems to fly for 4-5+ Days with timed breaks daily. 

  • Maybe someday when the technology is high enough and the cost is low enough and everyone owns high end drones... When Natural disasters happens we can all volunteer and donate our drones for a set period of time and maybe..... even maybe it could be as simple as tuning your Drone to a certain frequency that is controlled by a FEMA/Red Cross Unmanned Disaster relief system.  Maybe someday because of this every hobby drone owner will be able to help out the world without leaving home.  

    Crazy thought!?

  • Big love from the DIYDrones Community in the Philippines!

  • Thanks for bringing this up  Joshua.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who offer their prayers, and extend their hands & resources.

    We greatly appreciate your concerns.

    Again thank you.

  • I hope people will be able to assist in the relief efforts with "Diy Drones" that they could use to help out search and rescue and other groups.

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