Here I am again with a new tutorial. Find it on Youtube

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***** LINKS *******

- Github:

- My company Xworks (home of the RDISt):

***** References ***

- Aruco Library:

- Aruco Marker online generator:

- Precision Landing project from GoodRobot:

- Ardupilot Store:

- Rotation matrix to euler angles:


- OpenCv setup on a Raspberry Pi 3:

- Setup a Raspberry Pi 3 as Companion PC:

- Software In The Loop with Mission Planner:

- Trajectory Tracking:

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  • Great Tutorial, newbie here and still learning Thanks for this.

  • Too bad I got to it too late
  • Thanks for the tutorial! It would have been very useful when I was working on my thesis, I struggled with this exact problem (obtaining the position of a marker).

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