Pretty cheap camera+DVR system about the commercial post. Not my company, not affiliated with them in any way.


The specs: 3 inches long, by .75 inches wide, weighing in at less than .75 ounces.I'm super-poor, or I'd be trying to pick one of these up (eventually to modify for pan and tilt). If anyone does pick one up, I'd be interested in hearing how stiff the camera head is.
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  • If it is the same as on what's on the procerus website it is $3500
  • I also sent in a price request for the BTC-40R and BTC-88R. I'll post that when I get more information.
  • The camera does not appear to have a built in Pan and Tilt feature. It looks like the system is set up to be easily manipulated by hand to steer the camera to a given POV.
    I doubt the system has an external trigger to activate the camera. You'd probably have to wire something in to be triggered by the control board.
  • Do you know if this "Mini Camera with Built In DVR" camera comes with build-in servo motor(s) for tilt (and pan axes)? i.e. Can we change the tilt (and/or pan) angle in flight?
    Does it external trigger and/or activate signal input to enable/disable the recording in flight and/or take pictures when we toggle a switch on our RC transmitter?
  • I really do like this. even if the camera isn't that good it can be swapped out for something else and the forward turret on the one in the first post looks like it would be easy enough to modify for servo control. As for the retractable one and the ball turret one again the look nice products.

    I think this will move to the top off my list for post christmas purchases and experimentation....
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    I saw this camera in the Super Circuits flyer last week and took a look at it on their website. One thing that is missing is the type of chip employed: CMOS or CCD. Probably CMOS, but the fact that it has a DVR built-in probably warrants the $99 price tag.

    Just a thought.

  • This place sells one with servo control and Video Out. It also retracts too (watch the video).
    No prices though so might be pretty steep



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