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Preview of ArduCopter 2.6.1

We're within a day or two of releasing ArduCopter 2.6.1 to the public in the Mission Planner. It's the best performing code we've flown and the waypoint accuracy is really impressive. You can check out Marco Robustini's video above to see an long-distance waypoint flight, some tight loiter at 5:30 (holding in a 1m box!) and a fun demo of autorotation.

A full list of changes is here, but they include:


Performance improvements:

  • Better loiter, especially with the new 3DR uBlox GPS. Check out the video from Marco above!
  • Better yaw control
  • Better DCM implementation, resulting in noticeably smoother flight
  • Better camera control, including improved setup in the Mission Planner.
  • Etc


  • Fix to dataflash erasing, which should resolve an issue some users were having
  • Fix some MAVLink commands
  • Fix Circle command
  • Fix some units
  • Etc

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  • Developer

    @Jack: the motors are disarmed when i've the quad in my hands but yes, the main lipo is plugged.

  • New caméra control use output channel 5 to 8. How to use output 9 to 11 with input 5. Like previous camera control?
  • Chris,

    Sorry for the confusion.  Last time I emailed sales "Chris" responded and for some reason I assumed it was you.

  • Developer

    Yes, i use "autorotation" term for fun, actually the quad has a minimum of gas (1% of throttle), that little need to keep the propellers in motion, but during the fall "the pinwheel effect" makes accelerate keeping stable the quad.
    This is possible only if the quad is perfectly balanced and if the pilot knows what he does... :-)
    Sorry for the language mistake, yes, 300 meters,
    but considering the autonomy that I have the next waypoint will be far more than 1 Km.

  • A word of warning about flip.pde-- you should expect to lose some altitude while recovering from flipping, so start high!

    Sorry the video isn't great -- will post more soon.

  • 3D Robotics

    Check out the cool new flip function (at 1:00 in this video, from Aaron):

  • Developer

    Excellent video Marco!

    For all the auto-rotation questions... this is not a true auto-rotation, but it does demonstrate that the quad can maintain its attitude in a near free fall. Marco has custom firmware on his ESCs that is likely responsible for allowing the motors to spin at a very low speed at near zero throttle.

  • 3D Robotics

    Tony: I don't think so, but I don't run the store. Email sales@3drobotics.com and ask.

  • 3D Robotics

    Rana: That's just the standard new uBlox GPS from 3DR. It's the recommended module for ArduCopter.

  • Chris,

    If my order hasn't shipped and I want to switch to the uBlox GPS, would it slow my order further?  I ordered the unassembled APM 2 kit.

This reply was deleted.