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  • @Chris that's a vague answer.  I'm interested in px4 and what it has to offer, particularly around vision capabilities.  Hopefully someone will post more useful information closer to the release.

  • It may be useful to clarify what is coming. The video posted uses 3 camera pairs, not 3 cameras. I look forward to seeing vio in a production flightstack, but am quite frustrated at intentionally misleading information, particularly from Chris. I understand the motivation to promote DroneCode, and follow progress closely- I fly both px4 and ArduPilot. But having to second guess and challenge any announcement doesn’t support my attempts to maintain an open mind.
  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, it will be coming in the PX4/Dronecode release. It uses the Intel Aero Vision 3-camera system and works on the Intel Aero board running PX4

    Intel® Aero Platform Developer Kits
    Intel® Aero Platform Developer Kits
  • Does it have anything to do with px4?  Is it using IMU from px4?  I guess it's not doing the visual processing on the flight controller?

  • Thats a handheld demo from a year ago.

  • That video looks like SLAM, is that coming from px4?

  • 3D Robotics

    PX4 1.7 will be released next week. The VIO stack will be released in 1.8, in Q1

  • PX4 stack doesnt fly with GPS properly, now they are trying without GPS?)    

  • I remember seeing this last year... any news of implementation in the px4 stack?

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