Project Power Wheels - Ardurover endeavor.

For the month my father-in-law and I have been working on a Power Wheels conversion to RC+Rover+Drive by wire.   I have an 18 month old son and we wanted to build something he could enjoy before he can physically control the vehicle by himself.   So far we have been focusing on the mechanical+drivetrain aspects of the build, but last night I finally got it to a point where we are ready to use the APM2.5 with ardurover code.  


I am going to be heavily modifying the ardurover code to support local "drive by wire" via analog inputs. The steering wheel assembly now drives a 10k ETI pot, and the throttle controls a linear motion 10k pot (pictures will be posted on the blog shortly).  I would really like to hear some suggestions as to where I should implement the output channel insertion code. I have a few ideas after reading over the current codebase, but would obviously like to implement this in a way that a) can be reused by other people, b) fits within the code guidelines as defined by primary ardupilot developers.


My project blog is here at: I would love to hear some feedback on this.

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