Just a quick update this weekend. I've printed all the pieces, even got to the laser cutter to try cutting some of the body parts out. 

Here are some images and a small demo of a non scientific flex test between a 3D printed part and an acrylic part.








previous post: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/3d-printed-h-quad-build

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  • Awesome mini H-quad and those are really good quality 3-D printed parts. Could you share exactly what 3D printer you used and approximate cost of printer setup. After seeing how good parts come out I'm edging closer to buying a printer but need to research price/quality.

  • @Neuro thanks for the recommendation, I'll give that a go. The acrylic is definitely brittle, I tried snapping one of the plates today and it was pretty easy to break.

  • Yes SLS would be stronger but most don't own or have access to one. Shapeways wants $50 just for the center base.

    For a small copter like this, my ABS prints have been quite rigid and held up in several crashes. Can't say the same for the props ;)
  • Developer

    Looks great. I wonder if SLS parts aren't the way to go. they are far stronger/stiffer than printed ABS.

  • have you ever tried thick lexan its nearly indestructible where as acrylic will crack its also very paintable with rc car paint !

  • Yep mobius for now but going to try a GoPro soon
  • Finally shot some FPV with it: 

    3D Printed Foldable Micro H-Quad FPV from Hovership on Vimeo.

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