Pump Station 3D Photomesh

Hey guys, I've just started testing doing some photogrammetry using my QR X350 Pro, a GoPro2 (hard mounted) and Autodesk ReCap 360 check out the results here;

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  • Wally,

    You need to make sure you have a MUCH HIGHER overlap ratio

    between consecutive images, in the area of 70-80% overlap!

    From the quick view of the image data, the data spread is too sparse and sporadic,

    and needs to be much tighter and "regimented".  Try it with a regular camera in hand

    before flying around with the drone - you should see the difference immediately!

    Best yet, get the drones software to do the flight-path planning and picture taking for you

    (this IS an APM/Pixhawk oriented forum, isn't it :-)? )

    Best Luck


  • Thanks for checking all that out for us Gary. It's going to be fun testing ReCap 360 against 123D to see what's the best solution.  :)

  • Hi WallyJAS,

    I figured it out basic ReCap 360 cloud service is $50.00 a year here:


    ReCap Pro was $450.00 a month - different ball game: http://www.autodesk.com/products/recap/buy/recap-pro

    ReCap 360 pricing was somewhat hidden on the US web site, but definitely seems a whole lot more practical for most of us.

    The 123D rendering is very impressive too, there are starting to be some practical easy to use and affordable methods for doing this.

    Best Regards,


  • 123D is free, Recap seems a little more rebus. I especially like how Recap 360 shows where the pictures are in relation to each other. From your video, Recap seems like it does a better job creating the mesh too.

  • That looks super Chad ..... Why choose 123D over Recap 360?

  • Nice work.,  did something similar last weekend using Autodesk 123D, My goal was to fly and create model as fast as possible. I was able to fly, upload photos (via gopro's wifi to phone) and render the project in less then 10 minutes.

    more details: http://www.dv-proj.com/data/?p=293


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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    ReCap is very easy to use, follow their guidelines when taking the photos, upload them to site, sit back and wait. You can of course then go back into the interface and manually manipulate the images to realign any that could not be meshed automatically.

    That said, I'm only get 'basic' results with what I have done so far. I am using the free version of ReCap and it limits the total amount of images it will import for each project to 50. Even on a small project like this one, 50 images still doesn't produce a good result (in my opinion).

    Gary I'm not sure if you've got the wrong price or if I have. On the Australian Autodesk site Recap 360 is advertised for $75 per year subscription plus 5 credit points per project you want to render. I don't how much each credit costs to purchase but plan to find out once I have tested the free version a little more.  

    I've tried recording the flight on the GoPro2 with both video (then take out screens) and the 2sec timer for photos. The photos produce the much higher resolution images compared to extracting images from the video. I'm planning on trying the Mobius next so that I can have the best of both worlds, a live video feed of the mission plus 12mp still images recorded onto the SD card.

    Stay tuned for more videos and we can all see if ReCap is going to work well. :)   

  • These are really great results and Recap looks really easy touse.

    Is this from the free Autodesk service or the $450.00 a month one? 

  • Admin

    interesting possibilities. Cheers

  • Moderator
    Nice one Jas, keep up the good work.
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