PVC V-Tail Photos for DocWelch


Here's what I can do for photos this late in the game. I really should have taken build photos before everything got covered up with electrical tape and zip ties ;) The craft is crude, but I'm really happy with how it flies with modded 2.9.1b firmware. I'm working on 3.0.1, but tonight's weather got in the way of my test flight.







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  • Ha - This is so old! I started with a Turnigy 9X Tx / Rx set. 

  • nice job, what is your receiver on it?

  • You certainly could do that. With mine, I put the center of gravity forward just enough to balance the loss due to the angled rears. When hovering level, I see nearly equal PWM output to all 4 motors. 

  • Due to COG shifted forward, rear engine might be facilitated: lesser motors and props. What do you think people: will that work?

  • The last argument only sets the testing order. 

    void AP_MotorsMatrix::add_motor_raw(int8_t motor_num, float roll_fac, float pitch_fac, float yaw_fac, uint8_t testing_order)

    There's a macro that maps motor_num to channel, and by default it's in order.

    #define APM2_MOTOR_TO_CHANNEL_MAP CH_1,CH_2,CH_3,CH_4,CH_5,CH_6,CH_7,CH_8

  • Thank you for the advice, Bob....I thought that last argument was for motor test but I think it might also set the location for the numbering of AP MOTOR...the 1,3,4,2 is APM layout for FR1,RL2,FL3,RR4

  • Oh that - the first argument is the output channel (for wiring) and the fifth is the testing order (order they spin if you run the CLI motor test). I figured I'd keep it simple and number them 1-4 clockwise from FR to FL for both the wiring and testing. I'm not really sure why the normal way is crossed...

  • Hi Bob...I'm trying to figure out if my is indeed equivalent to ytour yas direction....your AP MOTOR 3 is my AP MOTOR 2, and your AP MOTOR 2 is my AP MOTOR 4...I think this makes us equivalent...just trying to work out the meaning of add_motor_raw's first argument and fifth argument...your's match one for one....in AP quad and other mixes MOT1,2,3,4--->1,3,4,2....any thoughts to help clarify the arguments to this function

  • I should also mention that CW/CCW for my motors ignores the fact that they are upside down in the rear - just refers to the prop direction looking top down.

  • I might be flying with reversed yaw - Stick left = tail left, not turn left. (the way I learned to play Doom and Quake lol)

    The yaw values for the front were intended to help counter the roll caused by the vtail, but also help by torquing in the correct direction. With your numbers, when your rear left increases (+0.5) for yaw, it will also try and roll right, so the front right should try and counter (+ve). You have -0.32 at front right which seems like the wrong direction to me. If you're going to reverse the yaw direction, you might want to also swap all the CW/CCW directions so the torque works in your favor. 

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