PX4 Flight and Features Video (Introduction post #2)

This platform overview video shows quadrotors in flight, fixed wing hardware in the loop simulation and a novel experimental aircraft. It also introduces all PX4 hardware modules (available from 3D Robotics).

This is the second of a series of PX4 introduction posts. The first is here. We will continue our coverage in the next days with an introduction to first-time setup and calibration and installation of the programming environment (Eclipse or plain shell, arm compiler, USB flashing and/or JTAG debugging).

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  • still set to private

  • Yes, maybe it is not so easy to produce a video with a flying PX4

    (just kidding ;)

  • Still set to private

  • Would still like to see the video some day
  • Ok, I gotta ask.  The narrative in that video, is that a really calm woman reciting lines practiced 1000 times.  Or a computer voice.  I honestly can't tell.

  • 3D Robotics

    We had a slight rights issue. The video is being recut and will be reposted.

  • Hey the video is set to private - is that intentional?

This reply was deleted.