PX4 VTOL Update

PX4 has been supporting tailsitters [video], tilt rotors [video] and quad planes since over half a year now and is constantly refining the performance. This video from Marco Robustini shows the latest testing results.

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  • Sorry the sily question PX4, as my poor english understand, with a px4 I can download the ardu frmware or your firmware with different caracteristics?

  • And the airframe specific configuration here: http://dev.px4.io/airframes-vtol-caipiroshka.html

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  • Its all documented here: http://px4.io/docs/autopilot-configuration/

  • can someone pls suggest how to download code from Px4 github. I had been mostly using mission planner to upload the firmwares.

  • this is real VTOL. just two motors and still so stable in hover mode. a new era in drone code has begun. amazing!

  • Absolutely fantastic!

  • Nice!

  • @Jonny Hyman: PX4 supports all sorts of tilt rotors and tailsitters. Here is the dev documentation how to run it on your Pixhawk: http://dev.px4.io/airframes-vtol.html

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  • Fantastic!

    I'm developing a (gigantic) flying wing VTOL where all 4 of the motors rotate to forward during transition. This is like a mix of the tilt rotor and quad plane design.

    Just a quick question: the Pixhawk / APM does not support this architecture currently, correct? If not I may go with the tailsitter takeoff or program onto the flight stack myself.

    Transition actuation is provided by four independent servos.

    Photo of the architecture:



  • Here I found the info https://pixhawk.org/platforms/vtol/tbs_caipirinha_vtol ;

    Really cool !!!, I have a Phantom flying wing waiting in a box for something like this :)

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