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  • @Carl :

    GPS over Russia often works very badly. also around a lot of military facilities, which jammed the signal. Thus we need only work on optics for fail safe
  • @Carl,

    Make sense!

  • I think Jaan Kronberg and Graham Dyer were quite explanatory.

    This is a Do It Yourself site, not necessarly a show your details site.

    If you had the chance, like me, to know some russian people, you will probably change the way you think about them... 

    Anyway  vis.asta is an inventor, a DIYer and a multirotor fan and just for that you should respect his work.
    For what I see from his site he is not a faker. 
    Also beware that this kind of technology is worth a lot of money especially in the military market, and Russia as the U.S. is a heavly military country.
    BTW I don't think that if he shared details like 100Kv motor, 20Ah 5C battery and 15" prop size, will give the non-believers peace. It will just give them more stuff to discuss on...

    Good job  vis.asta!

  • Microdrone Md4-1000 claims a flight duration of 88 minutes (with no payload I guess), so very long flight times are possible, Graham just underline the main points to achieve it.

  • Moderator

    A couple ways to get high endurance:

    1. very low frame weight (read carbon everything)
    2. specialist low C-rated LiPo batteries (you can get 10Ah <5C cells), us hobbyists generally use 20-40C which are really heavy!
    3. high voltage - so 6-10S LiPo
    4. very low Kv speciality motors using...
    5. very large lightweight carbon propellers, actually one-blade props (with counterweight) are most efficient but I haven't seem them on 'copters (yet).

    As an example, I have a 1/4 scale Piper Cub weighing 6kg (13.2 lb) which can fly for 14 minutes on just a 2200mAh pack!

    How? Well the pack is 6S (25.2V), motor is an Axi 4130/20 (305Kv) swinging a 18x8 prop (and the plane despite being heavy has a massive wing area.)

  • Mark Lanning, you have mistake.
    I never wrote 80 min flight time with 2kg.

    I wrote 30 minutes with 2kg payload, it is a lot different. 

  • Look even if Guinness record is the goal someone will out do his record quite quickly. This time in aviation history with the drone movement will mean constant change,evolution, records broken. If that is his reason fine, but I still do not believe it. Maybe if presented with credible means, data I would change my opinion. But that for sure not the case here.
  • What did I take away from this post?  Great music!   The rest is for the Mythbusters...

  • vis.asta,

    All of us can agree that your posts always have a lot of views and comments :-)

    Flight endurance like this is very valuable to the market, and would really expand the uses of aerial robotics.

    I will buy a system from you, if you let me test drive first.


  • No one is doubting Russian visitor, please read deeper or get a translator. We are doubting your flight pretty simple, now if you wish the doubters to stop doubting then show us your configuration, specs, battery type, battery chemistry, motor type and kv, prop size, AUW of aircraft wet (I.e. with battery attached) then the super smart people here at DIY drones community can do the math. Otherwise you do yourself a disservice to post something this profound without supporting material to back it up. And to the moderators, we do have the right to respond the way we are, it's both appropriate considering his post and claim, and also considering victor track record of never providing any supporting material in his past posts as well as this one. Also on a professional note, what he claims has not been done to my knowledge to date by anyone with a quad anywhere in the world so sceptic responses are most appropriate.
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